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5 Ways Minut Hosts and Property Managers Use Zapier

Find out how Zapier enables our customers to integrate Minut more seamlessly into their existing processes.

Zapier is a service that makes connecting different web applications a breeze. It does not require any coding knowledge and is integrated with more than 3,000 apps (Minut included 🎉).

Our integration with Zapier enables hosts and property managers to seamlessly integrate Minut into their existing processes. That’s what makes it so popular with companies - large and small alike - that want their Minut experience to go beyond monitoring. Here are a few examples.

Customize email notifications

All Minut customers can opt to receive emails in addition to mobile app notifications. They’re automated in a way that should suit most hosts and PMs, but some of our customers choose to adjust them to their particular needs.

Some property managers, for example, would like multiple team members to be notified when noise is detected. With Zapier, they can make that happen.

Connect to Slack

Slack is one of the most popular team organization tools out there, and it can be easily connected to Minut via Zapier. By linking the two accounts, property managers can receive a Slack message whenever the Minut sensor is moved from its magnetic plate, motion is detected, or there’s loud noise in the property - depending on how they set it up.

Text your team

Minut’s Guest Connect feature can send an SMS to guests when noise is detected. It can give the guests an automated phone call as well.

With Zapier, you can make sure that your team also gets text messages whenever something needs to be brought to their attention - whether it’s the fire alarm going off or Minut being tampered with.

Sync data with Google Spreadsheets

In the Minut apps, it’s easy to reference historical noise data using the noise monitoring graph. If you prefer spreadsheets to graphs however, you can use Zapier to send the data straight to a Google spreadsheet.

Trigger smart lights

Some hosts save energy and increase guest comfort by making their rental homes smart. Zapier can facilitate this by linking Minut to other smart home devices. One such use case is turning the lights on automatically when motion is detected.

Ready to give Zapier a try? Find out how to set up your integration here, and let us know what zaps you come up with.