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Meet Minut Plus

Everything you need to know about our monthly plan, why we’re implementing it, and what this means for our community.

Why a Monthly Plan?

Here at Minut we never stand still. We are continually improving our operations, services and products for our customers. Above all, we always want to be a straightforward and honest business that’s trusted by our customers, community and partners.

The decision to implement the Minut Plus plan came from our desire to sustainably fund development and maintenance without resorting to selling ad space within the app, increasing the cost of the device or selling your data to the highest bidder. The only way we can see this working in the long term, whilst still protecting our community is to have a monthly plan for those who get the most value from the service. We hope you agree and feel that we’ve made the right choice.

What is Minut Plus?

So, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Minut Plus plan, a $7.99/month service that gives customers access to add friends and family to help monitor their home, manage multiple properties and have access to unlimited sensor data history.

Customers will have the option to stay on a basic plan with no monthly cost, or to upgrade to Minut Plus and enjoy the benefit of creating smart neighborhood watch networks. Your chosen friends, family, or neighbors, will be notified in the event of motion detection, broken windows, or an alarm sound in your home when you’re away so you can help each other out when needed. Accessing all historical sensor data will provide valuable insight into the dynamics of the home environment over time.

Our goal when making the distinction between Minut Plus and the basic plan was to keep things simple and allow customers usage of the service to grow over time, and upgrading when they feel that it represents good value, rather than a requirement as part of the purchase.

Room to Grow

This new plan isn’t just about existing features, but will also allow us to develop new features requested by our customers, including location-based alarm and integration with more smart home systems. We introduced Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration earlier this year, and we want to continue expanding our compatibility with other ecosystems to provide even higher levels of connection in the future. Minut Plus will also allow us to continue improving our customer service and ensure quicker fixes for bugs and software issues.

We value all our customers and we hope that everyone who chooses to upgrade to Minut Plus will enjoy the added benefits that the plan provides. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our product and service, please do get in touch, we always want to improve, and the best way to do that is to listen!