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The Importance of Home

Home — it’s that special place where you can be at ease, be yourself. Where you make memories that stay with you forever. Where you can always find the people you love and respect the most. Home is the place where you know you’ll always belong, and the place you’ll keep coming back to.

There’s no place like home, home is where the heart is, but what is it about the place where we lay our head at night that makes it so indispensable to our identity, our sense of self, and our feeling of security and groundedness? The feeling of home can come from many different sources, many more emotional than physical, but all tied in some way to the sense of personal identity they impart. Home can be the place you return to after work, where you grew up, or where you return year after year. The feeling of home can come from an activity that returns us to our sense of self, where we feel at ease or especially connected to ourselves. Home is many things, but what these definitions all share in common is their ability to ground us to our selves.

Psychology attributes our need for home-building with a desire to stabilise and arrange our complex inner-lives. Home can anchor us to that mood in which we feel at our best, providing us with a sense of stability in the rapidly changing world around us. Our unique collections of things, from the books on our shelves to the shoes in our closet, align us not only with who we are but who we aspire to be.

It’s where the outside world melts away, where the worries and concerns of our day-to-day lives can take a backseat, and we can exist in an environment entirely of our own making. When entering the outside world we assume an air of ‘presentability’, however, home is that one place where we are able to exist solely as we are, without any of the armour we assume when embarking upon our daily lives.

For most of us, it will take many forms throughout the course of our lives, from a cupboard-sized student room to the first home of your own filled with those you love most. Our approach to home security seeks to fit into whatever form home takes, giving everyone access to that special feeling of peace and security, by providing a connection to your unique home environment, and giving your home a voice of its own when it needs it most.

For most of us, the first thing we do when arriving home after a long day, is don our favourite pair of sweatpants, take off the day’s makeup and relax. With the absence of cameras, we hope to ensure that you never have to sacrifice that sweatpants-at-the-end-of-the-day feeling or any of the freedom and comfort of the space where you should feel nothing but at ease. We respect the care and cultivation that goes into building a sense of home, which is why we will always be there when you can’t be, never listening or intruding, just ensuring that you know exactly what awaits you on the other side of the door.