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The sensor that does it all
Noise monitoring. Minut monitors sound levels and notifies you when it detects noise, helping you prevent parties, protect your rental, and put an end to those neighbor complaints, once and for all.
AudioID. One thing we don’t do? False positives. We use AI and edge processing to filter out the noise created by wind around the sensor, giving you data you can really trust while protecting privacy.
Standalone device. You don't need another sensor to make this one work. So it's up to you to decide how many sensors you need and where to install them.
Indoor and outdoor mode. Minut can monitor both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our cutting-edge technology adjusts to the environment, delivering optimal performance no matter the circumstances.
Temperature and humidity tracking. Save on energy bills and make sure your guests are comfortable at the same time. PS: you’ll be able to check how hot it is by the pool, too!
100% privacy-safe. Minut is built for privacy. The sensor is camera-free and does not record conversations nor store any personal data, protecting your guests’ privacy.