Minut Response Partners

Loud party in your rental? Send a responder

Minut Response Partners is the easiest way to make sure all noise is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

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For those really persistent issues...

Minut can now send a certified responder when there’s noise in your rental property.

Step 1

Noise detected

Minut detects noise and contacts you and your guest.
Step 2

Second alert

If it’s still noisy after 10 min, Minut contacts you and your guest again.
Step 3

Responder sent

If the noise goes on for 10 more minutes, Minut will send a responder.
Step 4

Responder arrived

Responder resolves the issue on site.
You will get a report shortly after.

You’re in control

You can skip steps and send a responder manually before they’re dispatched automatically. You can also mark the noise issue as resolved if there’s no need for a callout.

Mobile phone showing an noise alert
Add to your existing plan
Minut Response Partners
Send a responder when there's noise in your rental property.
  • Fully-automated noise resolution
  • Works 24/7
  • Certified responders
Billing period aligned with your existing Minut plan. Find out more.
Billed immediately after callout.
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Our responders

Our responders are at the heart of the Minut Response Partners. They’re experts in friendly conflict resolution.

We always look for the best security partners in every region we cover. We make sure we only work with certified responders that are vetted, well-trained and experienced.

Our responders are here to make sure your rental is safe, wherever and whenever you need them.


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