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Setup is simple

Download the app

Fully charge & connect to wi-fi

Mount on the ceiling and relax


Minut is incredibly easy to install, and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

All you need is:

2.4GHz wi-fi internet connection

Android or iOS smartphone

USB power source for charging (USB-C cable provided)

Where should I put it?

Minut is designed to be mounted on the ceiling, not only does this help it blend into your home more, but it actually makes the noise monitoring and motion more accurate. Most of our customers have 2 devices, the first being placed in the hallway by the main entrance point, and a second device in a common space such as the living room.

Setting thresholds

Setting thresholds

Minut can instantly alert you to changes in your home environment. As every home is different we allow you to set custom thresholds within the app.

So, if you want to ensure you haven’t left a window open or the oven on you can set temperature thresholds, if you’re worried about your kids having a party you can set a decibel limit.

You can rest assured nothing if anything out of the ordinary happens at home, we’ll let you know.

Adding friends and family

Adding friends and family

Friends and neighbours that live nearby are often several times faster at responding to emergencies. With the Minut app, you can create a group of people who will receive notifications of critical events in case you're unable to deal with the situation.

Minut will escalate any issues to your chosen friends if you or your family don’t open the app within 45 seconds of receiving a notification.