Save on Heating with the Minut x tado° Integration

Did you know that you can decrease your energy use by 10% if you lower the thermostat temperature by just one degree? Our integration with tado° now works with both the Smart AC Control and Smart Thermostat, making energy savings easier in all climates!
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December 6, 2022
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Save on Heating with the Minut x tado° Integration

On Earth Day this year, we announced the new steps we’re taking to help hosts and PMs save energy and run a greener business. Among them was our integration with tado°’s AC Control, which automatically turns off the AC when guests check out. In April, we calculated that it can lead to savings of over €250 per year in Spain, or £250 in the UK. It also saves up to 645kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions yearly.

We’re now broadening our partnership with tado° by integrating with their Smart Thermostat. This means that hosts and PMs will be able to consume less energy when using heating. In other words, we’re helping you save energy no matter which climate your rentals are located in.

The Minut sensor on the ceiling

How does the integration work?

The idea behind both the AC Control and thermostat integrations is to save energy once guests check out. This way, the rental will consume less energy without affecting guest comfort.

For the AC, it’s as simple as turning it off at check-out, then on again at check-in. For the heating, the temperature is lowered to 15°C at check-out. One hour before the check-in, it is raised according to the tado° settings. 

By keeping your rental at 15°C between bookings, you can protect it from problems like pipes freezing without consuming unnecessary energy. Our automation offers comfort for guests, savings for hosts and owners, and lower emissions for the planet. A true win for everyone.

lowering thermostat temperature by 1 degree leads to a 10% energy saving

How much can you save?

Studies show that lowering thermostat temperature by as little as one degree leads to around a 10% drop in energy use. And according to a report from Cambridge Architectural Research, a decrease of 2°C can double the savings. With rising energy costs worldwide, a 10-20% reduction can really make a difference to your budget.

It can also make a difference to your bookings. reports that 78% of travelers want to stay in a sustainable property at least once in the coming year. Lowering your thermostat temperature by 1°C leads to a 300 kg cut in your yearly carbon emissions. This is a tangible stat that you can use in your marketing materials or quote when asked. With the increased competitiveness of the market and a rise in the number of environmentally-conscious travelers, it’s easy to see how saving energy might just lead to more bookings.

Calculating exact energy savings as it comes to heating can get really complicated really fast. It depends on the initial temperature at check-out, the size of the property, and the efficiency of the system. However, we hope that you can use the relative values we quoted above to get a sense for the savings for your portfolio.

a photo of the tado thermostat

Why you need a smart thermostat

tado° estimates that their smart thermostat can help you use up to 31% less energy when compared with a traditional one. In the hospitality industry, guest experience is of the highest importance. tado° can help you optimize energy usage, so that you can both keep the bills low and your guests comfortable. You’ll even be able to adjust the temperature remotely based on guest feedback. 

Lower your energy bills and carbon footprint today

Ready to start saving? It’s easy. You just need a tado° Smart Thermostat (or AC Control if you want to limit AC energy consumption) and a Minut account. To sync the two, navigate to the Integrations tab in our web app and choose tado°. Then click on Connect in the top right corner and follow the instructions. For more information, check out our support article.

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