Tecnologia per case vacanza: 7 strumenti essenziali per il tuo stack tecnologico STR

Learn what tech and tools you need to maximize business performance, enhance the guest experience, keep your units safe from damage and grow your business.
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December 11, 2023
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Tecnologia per case vacanza: 7 strumenti essenziali per il tuo stack tecnologico STR

To remain a competitive, growing vacation rental business, you need highly efficient processes that you can easily repeat as your portfolio expands. 

But how can you ensure the same quality of service and guest experience as you take on 5, 10, 20 new units or more?

In this article, we look at the vacation rental technology you need to sustainably manage and grow your business, so you can reduce your workload and stress, eliminate mistakes like missed cleans, protect your properties from parties and break-ins, and, through it all, give your guests an even better stay.

So, you’ll soon know: 

  • The top tools in the industry to implement and integrate
  • Why these tools are so important to successful vacation rental businesses
  • How to improve efficiency, occupancy, and revenue
  • How to gain visibility across your portfolio

The business value of implementing vacation rental technology

With a carefully integrated tech stack of property management software, you can improve your vacation rental business across four key areas:

  1. Guest experience
  2. Operational efficiency
  3. Risk mitigation
  4. Scalability

For example, with scheduled messaging and a digital guidebook, you can provide guests with insights into their stay that help them enjoy your property and the local area. Also, though, these are communications you can automate, which saves you time.

And with that time saved, you make your operations more scalable, so you can grow your business without adding to your manual tasks—which would otherwise limit your ability to manage more properties.

Equally, vacation rental technology reduces the chance of human error that could lead to a double booking, can detect security or noise issues and automate a response, and can allow you to list more widely and price your rates more competitively.

With the seven tools we discuss below, you can:

  • Automate processes to save time and reduce costs
  • Optimize your staffing needs
  • Minimize human error that poses a business risk
  • Have increased visibility over your portfolio
  • Protect your properties, prevent damage, and avoid neighbor complaints
  • Enhance the guest experience
  • Improve revenue, occupancy, and profitability
  • Access data for reporting and analysis

Top 7 vacation rental technology tools for a better guest and host experience

See this list of vacation rental technology essentials—so you can maximize business performance, grow your portfolio, protect your properties, and reduce your workload—and VRMA (vacation rental manager’s anxiety!).

1. Property management system

Your property management system (PMS) is your central hub for reservation management. When you start a short-term rental (STR) business with just a handful of properties, you probably don’t require a PMS. 

But, as your portfolio grows and you begin accepting bookings from different platforms, it’s increasingly important to coordinate your latest booking information and take advantage of the various features that PMSs offer. These include synchronizing your listings, coordinating task assignments, and centralizing guest messaging.

However, as you continue to scale your operations past 20 units, you’ll probably need more specialist tools to efficiently manage your team, guests, and business—the most important of which we discuss below.

Multiple PMSs with brand logos that integrate with Minut
Minut integrates with your PMS to use booking data so you can enhance the guest experience and automate manual tasks. Source

Here’s what to look for in a comprehensive PMS for STR management:

  • Integrations with major online travel agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Vrbo so you can manage your booking pipeline and share key booking data with other vacation rental software in your tech stack (like Minut!)
  • Integrations with channel managers so you can diversify your channel distribution and stay fully coordinated without risking double bookings
  • Payment processing so you can easily handle deposits, refunds, and automated billing
  • Integrations with STR operations software. Many PMSs have their own task management and scheduling tools but you’ll probably need specialist software as you scale.
  • Reporting and analytics tools so you can easily review performance and share data on occupancy rates, revenue, and booking trends with current and prospective homeowner clients

Here are some of the top PMSs that integrate with Minut:

  • Avantio
  • Guesty
  • Lodgify
  • Hostfully
  • Streamline

For a comprehensive view of Minut’s integration partners, see our integrations page.

2. Channel manager

While most PMSs perform the role of a channel manager by synchronizing your booking calendar across multiple OTAs, you may need a specialist solution to further expand the number of booking sites where you list.

As well as connecting you to dozens if not hundreds of booking channels—including major OTAs as well as niche sites for specific audiences (like digital nomads, vegans, hikers, or last-minute bookers)—channel managers make it easy for you to update your listings with property descriptions, images, and house rules, and align rates and availability.

Also, you can use channel managers to coordinate multi-unit properties, so whether you’re renting single units or the entire compound property, it’s easy to oversee unit assignment and avoid double bookings.

Hosthub multi-calendar view in the dashboard and mobile app
Channel managers let you manage multiple listing sites from one location. Source

Here’s what to look for in a channel manager:

  • Integration with your PMS
  • Integrations with multiple booking channels including major OTAs, niche sites, and local booking channels
  • Solutions for individual and multi-unit properties so unit assignment is simple and synchronized across channels
  • Booking calendar with real-time inventory updates so the chance of a double booking is minimized
  • A single location to manage all your listings including property descriptions, imagery, amenities, local events, availability, and rates
  • Customization options so, as well as synchronizing data, you can market and price to specific audiences by channel—for example, to accommodate the differences in commission rates between channels (you might offer a lower price on your direct booking site) or to target the interests of a niche audience

Here are three of the best STR channel managers to consider:

  • Rentals United
  • NextPax
  • Hosthub

3. Noise monitoring and property protection

Smart locks can tell you when a guest has checked in but how do you know if they’re having a party at two in the morning, disturbing the neighbors, or smoking in the living room?

With a comprehensive noise monitoring system that includes occupancy monitoring and cigarette smoke detection, you can: 

  • Protect your units from damage
  • Ensure the most important house rules are being followed
  • Save yourself from having to deal with neighbor complaints
The standalone Minut device
The Minut sensor is quick to install, easy to use, and gives you multiple home protection and guest experience features. Source

Using Minut’s standalone sensor as an example, the noise monitoring technology lets you customize thresholds by unit and time of day, so you’ll be automatically alerted when the decibel levels go too high for a sustained period (so you won’t be alerted for a single door slam in the middle of the afternoon, for example).

Equally, you can customize the crowd monitor to alert you if occupancy goes past your limit for a particular unit, and receive an immediate alert when cigarette smoke is detected by Minut’s unique machine learning AI technology.

With a multi-feature sensor like Minut, you can also detect hazards, reduce costs by monitoring temperature, and be alerted to break-ins or other security events.

To effectively manage dozens of units, though, you also need a way to automate how you manage guests. 

So, Minut automates messages to guests when an issue is detected, lets you schedule messages like check-in or check-out information, and offers Call Assist and Guard Assist (Guard Assist is currently only available in the US and UK), which provide trained operators and security experts to manage guest communication on your behalf.

Here’s what to look for in an all-in-one noise monitor:

  • Privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Cigarette smoke detection
  • Environmental hazard detection
  • Weatherproof noise monitoring for outdoor spaces
  • Device tamper detection
  • Window break detection
  • Motion detection
  • Home alarm
  • Automated alerts and guest messaging
  • Scheduled guest messaging
  • Professional guest management services

4. Dynamic pricing and revenue management software

Dynamic pricing tools connect with your PMS to automate and synchronize your rates based on market information from thousands of data points, including:

  • Seasonality
  • Local trends in demand which can fluctuate because of special events or according to your amenities
  • Lead time (how far from the check-in date the booking is made)
  • Competitor analysis so, for example, you don’t get priced out by other local vacation rentals

You can also use your dynamic pricing tool to set customized pricing rules so you never go below a specified base rate, to take into consideration the length of stay, or to offer discounts when there’s a single night available (orphan gaps).

Wheelhouse dashboard
Dynamic pricing saves you time and helps you remain competitive whatever the market conditions. Source

Meanwhile, revenue management tools provide you with data for deeper insights into pricing trends and influential factors, so you can not only more accurately manage your rates, but also create quarterly budgets, better manage your costs, and generate predictive reporting for benchmarking and performance analysis.

As you can see, using these tools can take you into highly sophisticated areas of vacation rental business management, but the tools themselves are designed to be simple to use, so you don’t need to be an expert in data analytics to gain valuable insights from them and improve profitability.

Here’s what to look for in revenue management and dynamic pricing tools:

  • Integration with your PMS
  • Market data analysis including competitor pricing, demand trends, event tracking, and historical data
  • Customization options like minimum and maximum rates, length-of-stay pricing, and special pricing for special events
  • Lead-time analysis to help maximize revenue and occupancy rates
  • Real-time pricing updates
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • User-friendly interface so you don’t need to be a data expert to use the platform
  • Support and training resources so you can get the most out of the tool

Vacation rental management pricing and revenue tools to consider:

  • Beyond
  • Key Data
  • PriceLabs
  • Rented
  • Wheelhouse

5. Housekeeping and maintenance management

On-the-ground operations are one of the most demanding areas of management in a vacation rental property business. 

Some of the typical challenges you’ll face with housekeeping and maintenance is coordinating cleans with your latest booking information, communicating schedules and changes with housekeepers, tracking work done and unit status, and running inspections.

All of these challenges are intensified by having a growing portfolio of units and managing them remotely.

Housekeeping operations software resolves this by: 

  • Connecting with your PMS to automate and share cleaning schedules
  • Tracking supplies and organizing linen packing
  • Sharing digital cleaning checklists with cleaners
  • Allowing you to remotely inspect turnovers via photos uploaded by your cleaner
Doinn dashboard
Operations management software auto-schedule turnovers and help you manage quality while saving you time. Source

Here’s what to look for in an STR cleaning operations platform:

  • Integration with your PMS
  • Auto-scheduling so your cleaning schedules always reflect your latest booking information
  • User-friendly app so cleaners and service providers can easily see where to go and when, and perform tasks exactly as required
  • GPS and task tracking so you have a real-time view of unit and team status
  • Digital cleaning checklists with photo uploads so cleaners know your expectations and you can run remote inspections
  • Inventory tracking and linen packing reports so you know which units need what supplies and can easily create an effective workflow to manage linens
  • Owner reporting so, connected with your task tracking and inventory management, you can track billables and easily share key information with property owners

Here are some of the top operations management tools in vacation rentals:

  • Breezeway
  • Doinn
  • EZcare
  • Operto Teams (formerly VRScheduler)
  • Turno (formerly TurnoverBnB

6. Smart locks

Modern guests expect streamlined, tech-enabled experiences throughout their customer journey. With the best smart locks, you not only get to meet that expectation, but also create a scalable workflow for property access that increases your visibility across your portfolio.

With the information and features an integrated access management system provides, you can: 

  • Auto-share access codes and mobile keys
  • Create unique access codes for cleaners and maintenance teams
  • See when guests have checked in and out
  • Remotely revoke access in the case of an issue
  • Access historical logs to see who entered each unit and when

With these solutions in place, there are virtually no manual processes to manage—so no waiting around to hand over keys, no need to replace keys when they get lost, and no need to respond to a call-out in the middle of the night because your guest got locked out.

Nuki smart lock
Keyless entry improves the guest experience and allows you to automate repetitive manual tasks that otherwise cost you time. Source

Ecco cosa cercare in una serratura intelligente:

  • Integrazione con il tuo PMS così puoi usufruire di funzionalità come la generazione automatica di codice
  • Integrazione con Minut in modo da poter condividere facilmente le credenziali di accesso utilizzando la messaggistica programmata di Minut
  • Connettività WiFi e/o Bluetooth compatibile con il tuo stack tecnologico
  • Facilità d'uso per gli ospiti in modo che non abbiano problemi all'arrivo
  • Controllo dell'accesso remoto in modo da poter gestire facilmente l'accesso al tuo portafoglio, agli ospiti e al team
  • Notifiche e registri delle attività così puoi sempre vedere chi ha effettuato l'accesso a ciascuna unità
  • Batteria a lunga durata e avvisi a basso consumo
  • Installazione facile e veloce

Ecco due delle migliori serrature intelligenti che si integrano con Minut:

  • Igloo a casa
  • Nuki

7. Guida digitale

Per aiutare gli ospiti a vivere un'esperienza autonoma durante tutto il soggiorno, fornisci loro una guida digitale da condividere automaticamente come parte del flusso di messaggi pianificato.

Nella tua guida, puoi includere informazioni essenziali sulla struttura e sull'area locale per aiutare gli ospiti a ottenere il massimo dal loro soggiorno e per ridurre al minimo la possibilità che debbano contattarti per qualsiasi domanda.

Ecco alcune delle informazioni da inserire nella tua guida digitale:

  • Indicazioni stradali per raggiungere la proprietà con una mappa e pratici punti di riferimento visivi
  • Informazioni e istruzioni per il parcheggio
  • Dettagli di accesso alla proprietà
  • Istruzioni per l'accesso WiFi
  • Regole della casa comprese informazioni sulla raccolta e il riciclaggio dei rifiuti, i limiti di rumore e le procedure di check-out
  • Istruzioni per l'apparecchio con video utili
  • Informazioni sulla sicurezza ad esempio per l'uso della piscina
  • Raccomandazioni locali
  • Servizi extra come tour e noleggio di attrezzature
RueBaRue digital guidebook
Oltre a una soluzione di messaggistica programmata come quella di Minut, una guida digitale aiuta i tuoi ospiti a essere indipendenti durante tutto il loro soggiorno. Fonte

Cerca queste funzionalità in una guida digitale per le case vacanza:

  • Integrazione con il tuo PMS in modo da poter fornire facilmente informazioni specifiche sul soggiorno e sulla struttura per ogni ospite
  • Facile accesso quindi non ci sono più passaggi da seguire per visualizzare tutte le tue informazioni e approfondimenti
  • Configurazione rapida così puoi creare e personalizzare facilmente le tue guide in pochi minuti
  • Opzioni di personalizzazione per il branding compresi i colori e i loghi del tuo marchio
  • Caricamenti multimediali tra cui foto, video e mappe interattive
  • Sondaggi sugli ospiti in modo da poter raccogliere informazioni sul servizio, identificare i problemi e ottenere i dettagli di contatto per il marketing post-soggiorno
  • Impostazioni multilingue

Ecco alcune delle principali guide digitali STR da prendere in considerazione:

  • Hostfully
  • Rue Barue
  • Tocca Rimani
  • Il tuo benvenuto

Tecnologia per le case vacanza: così puoi ospitare in tutta sicurezza

L'ospite moderno si aspetta un'esperienza completamente semplificata e tecnologica dalla prenotazione al check-out. Fortunatamente, la stessa tecnologia che offre agli ospiti l'autonomia che desiderano, ti aiuta anche a rendere le tue operazioni efficienti e scalabili.

Con soluzioni come i messaggi programmati di Minut con dati compilati automaticamente, inclusi i nomi degli ospiti, le credenziali di accesso e le password WiFi, e le guide digitali con approfondimenti e consigli locali, puoi rispondere preventivamente alle domande degli ospiti.

Ciò ti evita di gestire dozzine di messaggi e chiamate per ogni soggiorno.

Nel frattempo, il tuo PMS, il channel manager e gli strumenti di determinazione dei prezzi dinamici ti aiutano a coordinare le prenotazioni, diversificare la distribuzione dei canali e ottimizzare le tariffe. Inoltre, puoi collegare il tuo PMS al tuo software di gestione delle operazioni per pianificare automaticamente i fatturati e quindi utilizzare le liste di controllo digitali per ispezionare ogni unità prima del check-in.

Inoltre, con un sistema di monitoraggio del rumore completo come Minut, puoi prevenire i reclami dei vicini, salvare le proprietà dai danni causati da terzi ed essere immediatamente avvisato dei rischi ambientali e degli eventi di sicurezza.

Fondamentalmente, tutte queste soluzioni tecnologiche STR ti consentono di automatizzare i tuoi processi, in modo da poter migliorare le prestazioni aziendali, aumentare le dimensioni del tuo portafoglio e ospitare ogni ospite in tutta tranquillità.