Stop parties in their tracks – even if you’re miles away

Stop worrying about guests breaking your occupancy limits and get notified when there's a risk of a crowd gathering at your units with Minut's occupancy monitoring feature.

Prevent over occupancy while protecting guest privacy

Prevent unauthorized gatherings without infringing on guest privacy with Minut’s Crowd Detect feature. Paired with our powerful indoor noise monitoring, it will help you take action as soon as a party breaks out – so you can avoid property damage costs, complaints from neighbors, and potential fines.

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Prevent parties and protect properties

Detect the number of connected devices present within your home without the need to film or record – so you can have insight on your units while protecting guest privacy and making them feel safe. 

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Minut’s monitoring doesn’t stop at occupancy

Once you’re alerted that the number of people at your property exceeds your limit, you can easily verify noise levels in your home. If both excessive noise and occupancy are detected by the Minut sensor, the chances that your guests are having an unauthorized party are high – and now you can act fast. 

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Preventative measures for fewer incidents

Advertising that there’s a Minut sensor installed in your property helps you prevent potentially problematic guests from booking in the first place – greatly reducing the chances of noise and occupancy violations. 

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