Keep your property smoke-free

Protect your property with Minut's AI-powered cigarette smoke detector. Receive real-time alerts when Minut's sensor detects the risk of smoking.

Swift notifications

You’ll be alerted as soon as cigarette smoke is detected – so you can take the necessary steps to prevent lasting damage.

Avoid hefty damage costs

By ensuring that no guest smokes, you can save over $1,200 each year and protect your property’s value over time.

Avoid false alerts

Our cigarette smoke detection is powered by machine learning, so you won’t be bothered by false alarms if a guest accidentally burns a piece of toast.

Unauthorized cigarette smoke? You and your community shouldn't pay the price

From the damage and health issues it can cause to the costs it creates for homeowners, cigarette smoke has no place in your vacation rental. Minut’s Gen 3 sensor monitors cigarette smoke indoors so you can protect your property, community, and guests.

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Total insight to your portfolio

We know that monitoring your vacation rental property is a priority, but it shouldn’t interfere with your other responsibilities. Minut is the first all-in-one solution that monitors noise, occupancy, temperature, humidity, motion, and cigarette smoke in your vacation rental through one device. So you can find all the data you need in one place and make your time work for you.

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