The best home noise monitor for your vacation rental business

Know what’s going on at your vacation rental homes with privacy-safe noise monitoring indoors and outdoors. Receive alerts and automate messages to your guests when there’s a problem. Best of all, finally put a stop to unauthorized parties.

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More than just a noise monitor

Minut’s privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitoring device protects properties, keeps guests safe, and could even save your business. Here’s how:

Real-time visibility across your portfolio using our mobile and web apps

Compliance with local ordinances with customized noise and occupancy thresholds

Data-based evidence to resolve disputes with guests, neighbors, or authorities

The only solution of its kind

Enhanced safety and security with alerts for party prevention, smoking, home security, and environmental hazards

Better guest experiences with scheduled messages to guide guests through their stay

Brand trust from tech-savvy homeowners who prioritize smart property management

Scalable solutions that consolidate your tech stack and automate manual tasks

Use your Minut dashboard and protect your entire portfolio

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“We’re now able to pre-empt any issues and proactively manage our guest’s behavior in an amicable manner, rather than handling a situation that may have spun out of control.”


Managing Director

Nox Rentals

Feature highlights

No more sleepless nights. Protect your vacation homes and neighbors from parties, excessive noise, and damage—with multiple tools for risk mitigation and the guest experience.

Privacy-safe noise and occupancy monitoring: Your guests are never filmed or recorded

Customized thresholds for day and night: You decide what’s acceptable during and outside of quiet hours—how much noise, how many people, and for how long

Data-based evidence to resolve disputes with guests, neighbors, or authorities

Weatherproof outdoor monitoring: The standalone sensor works outdoors, so you don’t need to connect it with an indoor device and no additional equipment is required

Automated alerts: You’ll receive a notification as soon as an issue is detected at one of your short-term rentals

Guest Connect: When the noise gets too loud, guests receive an automated text or call with your customized message

AudioID: Minut’s machine learning system makes sure there are no false alerts—so strong winds or a single door slam won’t trigger a response

Cigarette smoke detection: Enable the sensor to protect your rental properties from smoking

Tamper detection: You’ll know as soon as someone tries to deactivate or remove the sensor

“We can use the noise monitoring logs to show that our guests were not the ones making excessive noise.”

The Lodgeur Team,


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Watch our Sales expert Hannah demo the Minut web app - from setting up the right noise thresholds to bulk editing, to integrations.

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“The installation of the device is as easy as pie, you get informed about everything that you might be concerned about…while respecting the privacy of the guest, which is very important.”

Jitka Egrtová

Listings Manager


The best noise monitor for your homes, guests, and business

Implement the most comprehensive noise monitoring system on the market to protect your business from parties, keep your neighbors happy, and give guests a safer stay.