Subscription Terms

Last updated on December 11, 2023.

Minut offers a range of subscription plans to go with the purchase of a Minut Sensor, including but not limited to, a "Standard Plan", a "Pro Plan", and "Custom Plans". Each subscription plan includes a set of features and separate pricing as listed at

The short version

  • When you purchase plans from the Minut Store, they are stored as pre-paid homes on your account. 
  • You can check how many pre-paid properties you have on your account on your billing page. These can be activated by creating a property on your Minut account and will renew according to your subscription plan. 
  • New properties have a minimum commitment period equal to one year. Properties deleted in the first year are not refunded. If you delete a property in the second year, credits will be returned to your account for unused time. 
  • All new properties are paid upfront. 
  • You will receive a billing summary email that breaks down the specific renewal costs property by property so that you’ll have a clear view of what you’re being charged for.

What is a “property”?

The price of each subscription plan is specified per property. A property, sometimes also called a home, is an individual home or living space such as a house or an apartment. For example, an apartment that a guest would rent constitutes a property, a residential home constitutes a property, and a multi-tenant building or hotel where each apartment or room is rented by different individuals/tenants constitutes multiple properties.

Subscription period

You will select your plan as part of your registration for the services. Each subscription period for a plan will be based on the subscription period chosen (e.g., monthly or annually). Regardless of your billing cycle, you are responsible for the subscription fees for the entire subscription period chosen.

The fees for your subscription plan are billed in advance and are non-refundable.

At the end of your subscription period, your plan will automatically renew for a subscription period equal to your prior subscription period unless you 1) cancel your subscription via the billing portal, or 2) provide Minut with written notice by email 7 days prior to the subscription renewing.

For annual plans, Minut will notify you at least 3 weeks prior to your plan renewal date. 

To view specific details of your subscription, including pricing information and the end date of your subscription period, go to


Payments are made in advance for each subscription period and can be made using most major credit card providers. When you purchase a subscription, you agree that Minut, using its payment processor, can initiate a payment or a series of payments on your behalf while subscribing to one of Minut's subscription plans.

Payments are made when first subscribing to the chosen plan and automatically when the subscription renews, i.e., at the start of the next subscription period.

The amount due is determined by the plan chosen and the number of properties managed under your account.

Any credits available on your account will be applied towards the bill for your next subscription period before any additional charges to your payment method are attempted.

Upgrades or downgrades

You can choose to switch plans and subscription periods (billing cycle) at any time during your subscription period.

When upgrading to a higher-priced plan, you will be charged on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the subscription period in which the upgrade occurred. The same mechanism is applied when switching from a monthly to an annual billing cycle.

When downgrading from a higher-priced plan to a lower-priced plan, the downgrade will take place at the end of the subscription period. The same mechanism is applied when switching to a shorter billing cycle.

Adding properties

You can add additional properties at any time in the Minut mobile app or web app. When you create a new home, a pre-paid plan from your account will be used. If you don’t have any pre-paid homes, you will pay for the subscription at the point of creating the new home. 

Removing properties

Properties added have a minimum commitment period equal to your subscription plan or one year, whichever is longer. 

You can remove properties at any time in the Minut mobile app or web app. Properties removed during the minimum commitment period are not refunded. 

If you remove a property after the minimum commitment period, credits equivalent to the remaining time of the subscription period in which the removal occurred will be issued to your account. 

Late or missed payments

Minut, using its payment processor, will automatically attempt to charge your payment method when your subscription period renews or when adding additional properties to your subscription plan.

If a successful charge to the payment method fails, for instance, due to insufficient funds or bank declines, we will perform additional attempts to charge the payment method over a period of 14 days. You will be notified at each failed attempt and encouraged to update your payment method.

If all payment attempts fail, we may impose limitations on features belonging to your paid subscription plan and your account may eventually be suspended entirely until outstanding invoices have been settled.

Payment disputes

We will not exercise our rights under "Late or missed payments" if you are disputing the applicable charges reasonably and in good faith and are cooperating diligently to resolve the dispute.


You may cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will cancel at the end of the subscription period and not renew. Previous payments made towards your subscription period are not refunded. Any credits on your account at the end of your subscription period cannot be refunded.

Changes in pricing and fees

We may change the pricing, fees and features for the subscription plans and the Minut Service at any time or impose additional fees or charges. Such changes will be effective as of the first billing cycle that occurs more than 30 days after our new pricing or fees have been announced by Minut.

Return and refund information

All subscription plans are non-returnable and non-refundable. Hardware purchases are subject to our hardware return and refund policy.


Minut reserves the right to investigate, suspend, and terminate accounts that are circumventing or are attempting to circumvent Minut’s per-property/per-home pricing model.

Minut reserves the right to amend these Subscription Terms if, and when, considered necessary. Please contact hello@minut.comif you have any questions.