Let our team resolve issues for you 24/7

Minut can call your guests when noise issues are detected so you and your team can relax and focus on scaling your business.


Average cost of property damage after an unauthorized party.

Over 70%

of noise issues arise between 10 pm and 5 am.


our team is available every day, weekends and nights, to resolve noise issues.

Call Assist reduces your workload and costs

Have a trained operator call your guests when noise persists in your property.

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Lower operational costs

With Call Assist, you can prevent parties and protect your business without additional headcount.

  • Protect your hospitality brand with trained guest operators
  • Build confidence towards property owners with a 24/7 risk management solution
  • Comply with local regulations and protect your community
  • Prevent complaints from neighbors
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A hands-on noise-monitoring solution

Available all around the world

Our communication experts can reach out to guests wherever they are in the world, and at any time.

Effective conflict resolution

All operators are trained in peaceful conflict resolution and will nudge guests to keep the noise down without letting the situation escalate.

Follow up

Actionable reports and follow-ups are systematically sent out to prevent future issues.

“Hi Emily, I’m calling on behalf of Seaside Rentals. We received a notice that it’s been loud for 20 minutes in the property you’re staying at. Is everything alright?"

We handle all noise events with care

Our trained communication experts are there to make sure noise events are solved swiftly and efficiently while protecting your relationships with your guests.

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How does Call Assist work?

Call Assist is designed to reduce your workload when you are off the clock.

1. Noise is above your pre-set threshold

We only send out alerts when noise is detected above the threshold you’ve previously set through the Minut app. Thanks to our new AudioID technology, we can now accurately detect excessive noise outdoors.

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2. A trained expert calls your guest

When noise is detected above the pre-set threshold, one of our trained experts will make a personal phone call to your guest to remind them to keep the noise down.

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3. You receive a report after the incident

We systematically send report incidents after reaching out to your guests so you can keep track of noise events and prevent them in the future.

“I never have to worry about contacting guests in the middle of the night again.”

Theo, Property Manager, US

Add Call Assist to your existing plan

  • Fully-automated noise resolution
  • Round the clock service
  • Trained communication experts

Contact a member of our team to explore our pricing options and add an extra layer of protection to your property – from just $10 per month.

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Relax and let our team deal with your late night issues

With Call Assist, our network of trained operators is there to place calls when excessive noise is detected. Every operator is trained in friendly conflict resolution and will find the right approach no matter the situation – and at any time.

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