Build custom integrations to automate your workflows

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 homes, the Minut API allows you to connect all your properties to your own Property Management System or enterprise portal.

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REST-based HTTP API with JSON payloads for maximal familiarity.


Industry standards for secure data exchange.


Response times that you can depend on and 99.98% uptime reliability.


Subscribe to events as they happen in realtime.


Dependable design for safe migration and upgrades.

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Automate without code

Connect Minut with thousands of apps through Zapier and automate your workflows: 
send Minut events to Slack, update your CRM when loud noise is detected, and much more.

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“The API provides access to data that helps inform our operations.”

Yvette Romero, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa

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Start building in minutes

Getting started with the API is as easy as exploring our example code and API documentation. Within minutes, you can have a web service ready to react to the events that matter to you.

Industry-standard authentication methods

Use authorization or client credential grants with OAuth2 to access your own data or process data on users' behalf. All data is of course transferred securely using HTTPS.

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Improve insights with sensor data

Minut collects information about noise levels, temperature, humidity, battery levels, and much more. All sensor data, including long history, is available through the API.

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Consume events in real-time

Subscribe to the events that are important to you and update your own system in directly with Minut data. All events are provided as JSON and contains information needed to identify who, when, where, and what transpired.

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We know that every business is different. Minut is the most customizable solution on the market, giving you the freedom to tailor it to your business.

Our team will work with you to make sure you get the most out of Minut.