The #1 monitoring solution for hosts and owners

Protect your home, your neighbors' peace and quiet and your guests' privacy. Keep an eye on noise levels, temperature, and occupancy from anywhere in the world.

Made for hosts

Minut tracks noise, occupancy, motion and temperature in your homes, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe.

Home Security

Arm a security alarm between bookings, get alerted when the fire alarm goes off and know when your guests arrive.

Noise & occupancy monitoring

Prevent parties, damage and neighbor complaints. Minut will alert you if it detects noise and/or crowding in your property.

Guest experience

Integrate with your smart lock to make check-ins easier. Track temperature and humidity to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Peace of mind at your fingertips

Minut brings peace of mind to hosts all over the world, so that they can focus on what really matters.

Prevent parties, damage and noise complaints from neighbors
Fight false noise complaints with historical data
Track temperature and humidity to give your guests a 5-star experience
Manage more efficiently and make room for growth
Make sure your property isn't overcrowded with Crowd detect
Save on STR insurance

Hassle-free protection

Securing your property doesn’t have to be time-consuming. We use advanced technology to make sure installation and operation are hassle-free.

Self-install in minutes

All you need to get Minut up and running are 5 minutes and a smartphone

Install anywhere

The choice is yours - on the ceiling or the wall, in the living room, hallway or kitchen...

Works wired & wireless

Minut’s rechargeable battery lasts up to a year, but you can also run it permanently plugged in

Minimal maintenance

You can rely on Minut - our unique technology minimizes disruptions, making sure you never lose touch with your home

Integrate with your PMS

We partner with industry’s best and constantly add new integrations. Check if your PMS is on our integrations list.

Designed for your rental

Whether you rent out your own home, the house next-door or a holiday cabin miles away, we equip you with tools to make the most of Minut.

Monitor on the go with our mobile app
Integrate with your PMS through our web app
Automate and customize guest communication
Get email and mobile alerts
Tailor the solution with Zapier
"I'm not going to bed anymore worrying if my guests are loud and disturbing the neighbours."
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