Keep your guests comfortable and reduce your energy bills

Prioritize guest comfort while maximizing your energy savings with the Minut sensor, which can track temperature and humidity at your short-term rentals.

Reduce your carbon footprint and deliver a 5-star guest experience

Minut’s monitoring abilities don’t stop at preventing parties – they also help you be more sustainable while providing maximum comfort to guests. The Minut sensor monitors temperature and humidity, and allows you to automate HVAC systems so your home isn’t unnecessarily heated or air-conditioned between bookings.

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Automate temperature control in your rental with Minut and tado°

Did you know that reducing the temperature in your rental by just a degree or two could help you save around 10% on your energy bill? Minut lets you optimise the temperature between bookings to maximize your savings.

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Protect your guests’ health with mold risk detection

Once you’ve installed your Minut sensor, it will begin scanning your property for excessive humidity and mold risk. After a few days, it will alert you of mold risks if they arise, helping you prioritize your guests’ health, safety, and comfort.

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