Protect your community from excessive noise

Loud guests on your porch or back deck can be a nuisance to neighbors and lead to complaints. Here's how to keep outdoor noise levels down with Minut.

Ceiling mounted Minut sensor

All-in-one monitoring – because excessive noise doesn’t always hide behind a wall

The Minut sensor is the first all-in-one solution that monitors noise both indoors and outdoors through just one device. Especially during warmer months, vacation rentals with outdoor spaces can attract noisy guests gathering on patios and hanging out around the pool – which can result in disturbances to neighbors and high repair costs for hosts. 

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Powered by AudioID technology

Minut uses AI technology to fight false positives. Our AudioID software filters out irrelevant outdoor noise like strong gusts of wind so you’re only alerted when you need to be. 

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Hi there! We hope you’re enjoying your stay. We’ve detected noise levels that are higher than allowed in this home. If you could please keep the noise down we’d appreciate it!

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Sat 9th August at 00:12

Instant notifications allow instant problem solving

When outdoor noise becomes an issue, you need to act fast. Minut sends instant notifications to you and your guests so you can put an end to excessive noise situations in just a few minutes.

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A weather-proof sensor 

The Minut sensor can be placed anywhere. Whether that’s on your terrace or by the pool, it’ll protect you from excessive noise whenever you need it – and no matter the weather.

For more convenience, get Guard Assist and let us deal with noise issues for you – we’ll send out trained responders to your property in case of persistent excessive noise.