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Does Minut respect guest privacy?

Minut sensor is built for privacy. It’s camera-free and it doesn’t record any sound or listen to what the guests say or do. It simply tracks sound levels in your home. Read more here.

Do I need to inform guests about Minut?

We do recommend that you inform your guests about Minut. Most hosts opt to mention Minut in the listing and/or in a message to the guests. Some also add signage in the property. Please note that most booking platforms (including Airbnb) require hosts to disclose monitoring devices. We’ve written a sample text that you can add to your listing - you can access it here.

Do I need wifi to operate Minut?

Yes, you will need to connect Minut to your wifi. Minut supports 2.4 GHz wifi. Read more about wifi and connectivity here.

What happens if guests try to tamper with the sensor?

Minut will notify you if your guests try to tamper with the sensor. Read more about tamper detection here.

Can I receive email notifications in addition to mobile app notifications?

Yes. You can enable email notifications in your Account settings. Read more here.

Where can I find more information about PMS Integrations?

Learn more about our PMS Integrations by browsing the articles in the Integrations section of our Help Center.

Does Minut integrate with Airbnb?

Yes, we integrate with Airbnb. See our support page for more information.


What’s the best place to install Minut?

We recommend installing Minut in the area where your guests are most likely to gather (e.g.  living room). Minut can be installed on the ceiling and recharged once a year; or on the wall, permanently plugged in.

Ceiling placement is optimal for motion detection, as Minut only detects movement below its mounting position. It also makes tampering with the device more difficult. Find out more here.

Can I install Minut outdoors?

Yes, the latest generation of our sensor (Minut Gen 3) is weatherproof and has an outdoor mode. You can read more here.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor modes?

With indoor mode, you can monitor noise, occupancy, temperature, humidity and motion indoors. With outdoor mode, you can monitor noise, temperature and humidity outdoors. The outdoor mode adjusts noise monitoring for the outdoor environment to minimize false positives. See a comparison table here.

I am having trouble connecting my sensor to my wifi. Where can I find more information?

You can learn more about Wifi requirements and how to troubleshoot connection issues by reading our Support article on wifi and connectivity.

How many sensors do I need?

You will need at least one sensor for each property you want to monitor. If you want to monitor multiple areas within your property (like the living room and the kitchen, for example), you will need multiple sensors. The maximum number of sensors you can install in one home is 5.


How does the pricing work?

Minut offers two plans: Standard and Pro.

The cost of the sensor itself is a one-time cost that’s separate from the plan charge. We offer a discount when you buy sensors with plans (at the rate of one discounted sensor per plan.)

How do the Minut plans work?

Minut plans are billed per home. A home is an individual property or living space that a guest can book (whether it's an apartment, tree house or hotel room.) For example, an apartment that a guest would rent constitutes a home, a residential home constitutes a home, and a multi-tenant building or hotel where each apartment or room is rented by different guests constitutes multiple homes.

Is there a discount when you buy sensors with plans?

Yes, when you buy plans and sensors together, the cost of your sensor is discounted. You can get one discounted sensor with each plan you buy. For example, if you buy 3 Pro plans, then you can get 3 sensors at the discounted rate. The discount amount differs between Standard and Pro plans.

Will I be able to change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. When you cancel or downgrade, the change will come into effect at the end of your current subscription period. So, for example, if you’re on Pro Annual, and switch to Standard Annual, the downgrade will take effect when your year of Pro subscription ends. Read more here.

When will my plan start?

Your plan will start when you activate your first home, and you will only be charged for the homes that you use. You can read more about Minut's fair billing policy here.


How do I change the payment method?

You can change your payment method by navigating to the My account section on the Web app.  If you’re not already logged in, you’ll need to do that first. Then simply click on the Plan, Billing & Payments tab, and add or change your card details in the Payment method section you’ll find on the right-hand side.

How can I change my plan?

You can manage your plan in the My Account section of our Web app. Navigate to the Plan, Billing & Payments tab, then scroll down and click on Change Plan.

Where can I find my invoices?

Once you set up your account and complete your first purchase, you’ll be able to download your invoice using our Web app. Simply go to My account, then click on Plan, Billing & Payments and scroll down to see your invoices.

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