The sensor that protects your stay and your privacy

Minut monitors temperature, motion, occupancy and noise in short-term rentals, keeping guests safe and comfortable while respecting their privacy.

How does it work?

Minut is an all-in-one sensor that helps hosts make sure you have a wonderful stay. It minimizes neighbor complaints, keeps guests and homes safe, and enhances guest comfort.

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Peaceful neighborhood

It’s easy to forget about the neighbors when you’re on vacation. Minut monitors noise and occupancy levels in the rental to help guests enjoy their time without disturbing the neighbors.

Guest comfort

With Minut, hosts can keep an eye on temperature, humidity and mold risk to guarantee a healthty, comfy stay for their guests.


Minut can recognize the siren of other alarms, such as fire and CO. When it detects an alarm, it helps the host act quickly to ensure everyone is safe.

How do we protect privacy?

Minut is camera-free. It simply monitors sound, occupancy and temperature levels in the property. It does not listen in on conversations or capture any other sensitive data.

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Minut is camera-free.
Noise is measured in dB.
Occupancy assesses crowd risk (low/high). It doesn’t count or identify guests.

Did you get a message from us?

We help Hosts keep you in the loop. As their co-host, we might message you with check-in instructions, smart lock code or when we detect noise in the rental.

Fair use only
We’ll never use your contact details for anything other than keeping you informed throughout your stay.

You're in control
Your contact information is deleted once your stay is over. You can also request it to be removed. More information here.

GDPR for everyone
We’re fully GDPR compliant, and we extend these rights to all our customers and their guests, regardless of where they are based. Learn more.
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