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100% privacy-safe noise, occupancy and cigarette detection, helping you prevent parties, damage and neighbor complaints.

Greater Palm Springs Hosts receive a discount of 2 free months on a year-long subscription using the code: 2PALMSPRINGS

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Supporting Greater Palm Springs

Supporting Greater Palm Springs

Minut is proud to be working with Greater Palm Springs to ensure vacation rentals have a positive impact on guests, hosts and the wider community. This partnership aims to empower hosts to welcome guests with confidence.

Greater Palm Springs Hosts receive a discount of 2 free months on a year-long subscription using the code: 2PALMSPRINGS

One sensor, full insight

Keep your Airbnb safe and your neighbors happy while respecting your guests' privacy. Only Minut gives you the full insight you need to protect your homes.

Noise & occupancy monitoring

Our communication experts can reach out to guests wherever they are in the world, and at any time.

Cigarette detection

Minut will now alert you when cigarette smoke is detected indoors. Just enable the feature on your new generation sensor to start protecting your home and community.

Improve guest experience

Integrate with your smart lock to make check-ins and check-outs easier. Track temperature and humidity to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Support regulation & community

Maintain community relationships at a regional and property level. Fight false noise event claims from neighbors.

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Average cost of property damage after an un-authorized party.


Property manager have received a noise complaint in the past.


Minut solved 100% of issues in 20mins or less in a Prague pilot program.

Quick to install, easy to use

Minut’s advanced technology works behind the scenes to give you a simple, hassle-free experience.

Works anywhere

Indoors and outdoors, ceiling or wall. Minut's rechargeable battery lasts up to a year, so you can run it wireless (anywhere) or wired in (indoors).

Self-install in minutes

No need for tools or professional service

Minimal maintenance

Simply connect to wi-fi and enjoy the most reliable solution on the market.

A Minut sensor installed underneath a pergula sitting outside

Why property professionals love Minut

Don’t just take our word for it - hear directly from hosts and property managers on how Minut helps them host with confidence.

“We have a company policy to install Minut in every single listing”

Huswell’s mission is to be a real bridge between hosts and guests. Jean-Paul, the CEO and founder, explains how Minut helps them make this mission reality. He also shares his thoughts on installation, battery life, and key features, giving us a real 360° view of his Minut experience so far.


CEO and founder


"It will make you sleep better"

Hendrik, CEO of BRIGHT and founder of BNB Pro Hosting, uses Minut in all his units. Watch the video to find out how Minut made his relationship with homeowners, landlords, and neighbors significantly better.

Hendrik k.


BRIGHT, BNB Pro Hosting