Minut-Höhepunkte 2022

The new year is here, and we’re feeling a bit sentimental. Here’s a little celebration of some of our achievements in 2022.
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January 17, 2023
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Minut-Höhepunkte 2022

2022 was a strong year for the industry, as industry reports such as Expedia’s and Hostfully’s indicate. We saw our customers and partners secure funding, ship new products, and surprise the entire industry with a daring redesign. For us at Minut, it was the best year yet. We closed Series B, built an integration with Airbnb, and protected more homes than ever before (helping 40,000+ hosts and property managers!).

To celebrate, we’ve put together a little summary of our proudest moments from 2022:

We raised Series B funding

We started the year with a huge boost of energy (and funding)! The $14M confirmed what we always knew: we’re building the future of travel. It empowered us to dream bigger and work harder this year.

integrations Minut

We integrated with new property management systems

We made a lot of new friends (and partners) this year! Which means that our seamless noise resolution is now available to hosts using Apaleo, Your.Rentals, Tokeet, Hostify, iGMS, Beds24 and OwnerRez (in addition to 7 other PMSs we’ve integrated with in previous years). And there are many more to come in the very near future!

We launched Minut Response Partners in the UK

...and it attracted interest from customers all over the world! Since the launch in March, we've been working hard with our partner Keyholding on the service in the UK while searching for potential partners in other regions (more updates on that soon).

women in tech minut

We celebrated the women at Minut

Women in tech can still be a rare sight - but not at Minut! Getting to 40% female-to-male employee ratio was an important milestone for many of us internally; but we also think it’s a great sign for the industry as a whole.

la quinta city noise monitoring

We conducted a pilot with the City of La Quinta

When the city of La Quinta reached out to us about a pilot, we couldn’t say no. We love supporting local governments in finding ways to support sustainable STR and introducing fair regulation instead of outright bans. The pilot brought amazing results, with 92% of participants saying Minut was easy to install.

minut x airbnb integration

… and a pilot with Airbnb!

This was another program we couldn’t say no to, and another success. Together with Airbnb, we solved 100% of noise issues in Prague. Subsequently, we launched a global offer which made the news all over the world.

Speaking of Airbnb, we became the only noise monitoring solution that integrates with Airbnb

This means we can now message your guests directly via Airbnb when Minut detects noise. Unsurprisingly, this was our most popular integration this year.

nuki minut noise monitoring

We made contactless check-ins effortless with Nuki

Improving guest experience and saving you time (100 hours per year!) - all at once.

celebration of partnerships minut

We heard from happy hosts and property managers all over the world

Our customers are the best! We couldn’t be more grateful for Blahobyty, HOLT, Sanders, Bob W and this New Zealand Host who trusted us with their rentals and spent their precious time sharing their experience with us.

temperature monitoring minut tado

We partnered with tado to make travel more sustainable

We found a way to save energy without affecting guest comfort: lowering thermostat temperature once guests check out. Did you know that you can decrease your energy use by 10% if you lower the thermostat temperature by just one degree?

team management minut

We made it easier and safer to manage as a team

Our Organization feature makes adding new team members a breeze. Because everything is better when shared with a team.

skyes holiday cottages minut protection

We protected thousand of Sykes holiday cottages

Making Minut the only STR monitoring solution among Sykes’ preferred partners.

minut noise report

Finally, we published a noise report.

Did you know that the average cost of an unauthorized party in a vacation rental is $1,620? Check out the vollständiger Bericht für mehr Statistiken.

Wir sind so dankbar für alles, was uns 2022 gebracht hat und können es kaum erwarten, was das kommende Jahr bereithält!