Minut x iGMS Integration: Noise Resolution on Autopilot

Save time and protect your rental by letting us take care of noise for you.
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October 4, 2022
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Minut x iGMS Integration: Noise Resolution on Autopilot

We’re partnering with iGMS to help you manage noise efficiently. With our integration, you can protect your rentals remotely without having to monitor our app or be on call 24/7 - we’ll handle most issues for you.

Our research shows that in 94% of cases, just one friendly reminder is enough to solve a noise issue. With the iGMS integration, you’ll be able to automate these reminders without having to enter guest data manually into the Minut app. Minut will sync booking details from iGMS directly, saving you time and preventing potential errors.

Minut will then be able to send your guests a text message or give them an automated phone call when it detects noise in your rental. (You can pick which one, and write your own message too!) Additionally, Minut can also welcome your guests with an SMS when they arrive or ask them for a review once they check out. That makes for genuinely hands-off property management, from booking to check-out.

iGMS helps hosts and PMs put their vacation rental businesses on autopilot. Their software supercharges all areas of property management. With iGMS, you can manage short-term rental properties across various channels, embrace automation and forget about double-bookings with their powerful integrations. Our new integration brings seamless noise resolution to all iGMS hosts, introducing safety and efficiency to yet another aspect of their business.

Do you already use Minut and iGMS? Start saving time today with just a few clicks. Go to the Integrations tab in the Minut web app. Click on iGMS, select Set up, and press Connect. More detailed instructions are available here.

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