Minut x apaleo: No More Noise Complaints

We’re empowering hosts and PMs to manage smarter and safer with our new integration.
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January 20, 2022
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Minut x apaleo: No More Noise Complaints

We’re excited to announce that our first integration of 2022 is with apaleo, the open software platform for the hospitality industry. Together, we’re empowering hosts, PMs and hoteliers to manage smarter and safer.

The new integration links apaleo and Minut accounts, allowing for the booking information to sync automatically. This makes Guest Connect (our automated messaging feature) even smarter, as Minut will always have the right contact details for your guests (including their check-in and -out dates) without you needing to enter them into our system. 

With Guest Connect, you can schedule messages to guide your guests throughout the stay. You can also have Minut send them a text and/or give them a call when it detects sound above your threshold. The apaleo integration makes it so that the whole process can be fully automated - from noise detection to resolution.

apaleo offers a flexible PMS core with an impressive app store. They give forward-thinking hospitality operators the freedom to connect the technology they need to run their business without integration pains. Like Minut, they’re championing a smarter future for the industry where different systems work together seamlessly.

“There’s a reason why apaleo is the first choice for innovative products in the hospitality industry, and it’s because of our ease of integration. When new technology comes around - like Minut - that give property managers peace of mind, we love to be part of its journey. Being able to monitor your property assets through automated processes and smart devices, enables you to focus on improving the guest experience,” says Uli Pillau, CEO and cofounder of apaleo.
“apaleo’s ambition in creating a new resource for the changing hospitality landscape resonates deeply with us at Minut. We’re excited to bring our noise resolution and guest automation tools to apaleo’s community of pioneers.” - Nils Mattisson, Minut CEO and Co-founder

By fully automating noise resolution, the Minut x apaleo integration will make sure your rentals stay safe and neighbors happy - no matter when the disturbance happens. We’re helping you save time and resources, so that you can run a smarter, leaner business.

Give the integration a try by going to the Integrations tab on our web app and clicking on apaleo. You can find more detailed instructions here.