Blahobyty x Minut Case Study: Peace in Prague

Blahobyty is a Prague-based property management company. Jitka Egrtová, Listings Manager at Blahobyty, tells us how Minut has helped them minimize risks while maximizing revenue.
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July 25, 2022
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Blahobyty x Minut Case Study: Peace in Prague

Caring for homes

Blahobyty is a property management company based in Prague, Czechia. Their mission is to care for their properties, finding the best way to operate each one. They pioneer a unique blended approach to property management, where they combine short-, mid- and long-term rentals for optimal results. Their average booking duration is 3 days.

In addition to managing the properties, they also have a booking platform called Prague Days. They’re one of the fastest-growing property managers on the Czech market, with a current portfolio of 157 properties.

Maximizing revenue, minimizing risk

Blahobyty has welcomed 65,306 guests to date, so they have a vast experience with mostly good (and occasionally bad) guests. They know how much damage even one unauthorized party can make - they have experienced it firsthand. Material damage can easily be fixed, but parties also leave a more permanent stain on their relationships with neighbors and customers. That’s why their goal is to maximize their customers’ revenue without sacrificing security.

This is where the Minut x Airbnb Pilot Program in Prague comes in. Blahobyty are always looking to improve their service and be at the forefront of new technologies. When they found out about the pilot program, they signed up straight away.

They tested Minut in 22 of their properties, hoping that it would help them minimize the risk of unauthorized parties and guests disturbing the neighbors.

Fighting noise complaints - real and false ones

In the past, Blahobyty has struggled with some noise complaints from neighbors. They know that a good relationship with neighbors is key to running a successful business, so they always investigate all complaints. However, they don’t always know if the neighbors have the right source of noise, which can lead to uncomfortable situations.

One of our biggest challenges is having proof of whether it was actually our guests who made the noise.

With Minut, they can be sure. After using it for over 6 months now, they haven’t received any noise complaints. But if they did, they’re confident that they could verify them thanks to Minut:

We have a significantly better overview of whether guests have parties and if they don't comply with our house rules.

Would you mind keeping the noise down?

Blahobyty knew that Minut would be popular with neighbors, but what about guests? Something that was important to them when introducing new technology to their properties was that it respects guest privacy. Minut doesn’t have a camera; it simply monitors noise levels without storing any personal information, making it 100% privacy safe.

Blahobyty is using Minut’s Guest Connect - an automated guest messaging feature - in addition to contacting guests directly through Airbnb:

If we had the contact information of the guest listed in the Minut app, an automatic SMS was sent. Moreover, we inform the guests through Airbnb messages and kindly ask them to keep the noise level low.

Whenever Minut detects noise, it sends an automatic text message to guests. It notifies Blahobyty too - so that they can reach out to the guests personally. The result? Minut has already helped them resolve multiple noise issues. And the guests’ response was largely enthusiastic too:

Most of the guests responded positively and understood the need and purpose of the sensor and agreed to it without any hesitation. We make sure to explain it carefully so that the guests know that the device is for the good of both sides!

For Blahobyty, it’s key to mention Minut in the listing, and then again in the welcome message. That’s how they keep their guests informed and happy.

Peace of mind in 15 minutes

Installing and setting up Minut took Blahobyty less than 15 minutes. All in all, they think it was worth the effort:

The installation of the device is as easy as pie, you get informed about everything that you might be concerned about (such as high noise levels during quiet hours) during a stay while respecting the privacy of a guest, which is very important. 

Even though the pilot program is now over, Blahobyty will continue using Minut in their properties and are rolling it out in new rentals as we speak. Risk minimization is one of their key competitive advantages, and Minut is now a vital part of their process:

We can better manage relationships with other tenants of the building, work with actual noise sensor data and ensure safe and risk-free reservations!
Jitka's headshot, her full name and title, and the Blahobyty logo

P.S. Jitka made us blush when she said that “the Minut team is full of joyful, pleasant and responsible people whose communication skills are just immaculate. ” We promise to live up to her description, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! (Our email address is

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