Minut x OwnerRez Integration: Mitigate Risks and Grow Your Business

Automate noise resolution to spend less time managing and more time growing your portfolio.
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December 8, 2022
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Minut x OwnerRez Integration: Mitigate Risks and Grow Your Business

We couldn’t be more excited about our recent integration with OwnerRez, an industry leader offering fast, flexible vacation rental software.  Just like Minut, they power both smaller hosts and large PMs, which means all our customers can benefit from the new integration.

Safety foundation for your business

If you already have Minut, you’ll know that we monitor noise levels and notify you when they rise above your threshold. With Guest Connect, our automated guest communication feature, we can also contact guests on your behalf to remind them about house rules. You can choose between Autocall, a text message and the device itself flashing and sounding to alert the guest. We know that every business is different, so we made it super flexible on purpose. You can set up and customize this feature in your noise profile settings.

While our noise monitoring and automation features act as a safety foundation for your business, the integration with OwnerRez adds a layer of connectivity that makes keeping your properties safe even more seamless.

OwnerRez team showcasing a Minut sensor at VRMA 2022
OwnerRez team showcasing a Minut sensor at VRMA 2022

Minimize time and errors, maximize productivity

When you link Minut and OwnerRez accounts, Minut will automatically fetch booking data for your homes. This means that we will always be able to contact your guests, without the need for manual data entry, which can be very time-consuming and error-prone.

Our research shows that most noise issues can be solved with just one simple, friendly reminder. This new integration makes sure that all of the guests are contacted as soon as we detect noise. It keeps your work to the minimum and nips any potential problems in the bud.

Get started in minutes

OwnerRez is the long-term booking foundation for your vacation rental business. With our new integration, you can now also have an effortless safety foundation that mitigates risk and helps you focus on growing your business.

If you already have Minut and OwnerRez accounts, you can get started in minutes! Go to the Integrations tab in the Minut web app. Select OwnerRez under “Property management systems,” and click on Connect. For more detailed instructions, read our Support article.

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