We’ve integrated with Airbnb to promote responsible travel

Introducing: the only noise monitoring solution that integrates with Airbnb.
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October 13, 2022
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We’ve integrated with Airbnb to promote responsible travel

You asked, we delivered. We’re continuing our collaboration with Airbnb by launching the most requested integration yet! Minut can now contact your guests directly through Airbnb Messages - which means you’ll be able to solve noise issues faster. 

We’re excited to bring our seamless noise resolution to the 4M+ Hosts who share their homes and neighborhoods with guests through Airbnb. With listings in 100K+ cities and towns and 220+ countries and regions, they’re the definition of a global community, and we’re proud to be able to offer them our global solution.

The new integration works in combination with Guest Connect - our guest communication feature. When Minut detects noise, it can automatically contact your guests to remind them about your house rules. Most guests are good guests, and we find that a friendly message is usually all you need for a potential issue to be resolved. Keeping your guests aware of noise helps you protect your home and your neighbors’ peace and quiet.

A smartphone with Airbnb Messages open

Our new integration makes noise resolution even more seamless as it syncs your Airbnb reservations for each Minut home. Minut will now be able to contact your guests about noise directly through Airbnb Messages. These messages will show up in your Airbnb Inbox, so that you can review all guest communication in one place. And you can make them 100% yours too, by editing the text in the Minut web app.

Ready to give it a try? You can set it up by going to the Integrations tab of the Minut web app and clicking on Airbnb. You will be then asked to connect the two accounts and map your Airbnb listings to your Minut homes. And if you want to personalize the message, you can do so in your Noise Monitoring Settings. Read more about the set-up in our Help Center. You need to have the Pro plan to use integrations.

Exclusive offer for Hosts on Airbnb

To support Hosts on Airbnb in promoting responsible travel in their communities, we’re offering a Minut sensor and 3 months of subscription (Pro or Standard) for free. Now open to Hosts in over 60 countries and regions - get the offer here! *

*Applies to the first year of the subscription plan only. It can only be redeemed once per Airbnb account, for up to 10 listings. Not available on Minut Legacy plans.

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