Minut + Your.Rentals: Protect Your Properties and Save Time with Our Bundle

Integrate Minut with Your.Rentals and never worry about parties again.
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May 4, 2022
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Minut + Your.Rentals: Protect Your Properties and Save Time with Our Bundle

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve integrated with Your.Rentals, who offer the first performance-based software for short-term rental professionals. What makes this integration a bit special is that it’s the first time we’re partnering with a fellow Malmö-based* start-up 🇸🇪

*For those that don't know - Minut headquarters are in Malmö, Sweden. But we also have offices in the UK, US, Spain and France.

Here’s another thing we’ve never done before: a bundle offer. It means that you can get Your.Rentals and Minut together for a more seamless experience. For more details on the offer, check out Your.Rentals website or talk to their team.

Bundling Minut and Your.Rentals will save you time, protect your properties, and keep your guests and neighbors happy. By integrating the two accounts, you can make sure that Minut can always reach your guests - whether it’s to welcome them shortly after they check in or to remind them about your house rules when they’re being a bit too loud.

When it detects noise, Minut can automatically text and/or call guests on your behalf. In 94% of cases, just one timely reminder is enough to solve the problem. With the integration, you can make sure that you never miss an alert or mistype a guests’ phone number. Minut and Your.Rentals will work together to keep your properties comfortable, safe and party-free at all times. So that you can stop worrying about potential damage and your neighbors can enjoy peace.

The team at Your.Rentals think that managing vacation rentals is way too complicated. They want to make it simple, effective and profitable by providing a complete solution for all aspects of your property management business. With the new integration, we’re simplifying  property protection. We’re proving it’s possible to mitigate short-term rental risks while keeping operations lean.

Take advantage of our bundle offer here. Already have Minut and Your.Rentals accounts? Set up your integration here. Need help? Read this article or contact our team at hello@minut.com.

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