Minut + Nuki = Effortless Check-ins

We’re saving you time (100 hours per year!) by making it easier to share the entry code with your guests.
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July 19, 2022
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Minut + Nuki = Effortless Check-ins

Smart tech works best when it works together. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Nuki, one of the leading smart door lock providers, to make contactless check-ins even easier.

Check-ins have always been one of the most time-consuming processes in the short-term rental industry. They’re also one of the most important ones, as they set the tone for the whole stay. Is it going to be smooth and seamless or rigid and stressful?

For this reason, smart locks have become pretty much industry-standard in the past few years, offering a better check-in experience for both hosts and guests. We’re proud to team up with Nuki, one of the largest players in this space, and to extend our monitoring and automated communication solutions to their vast host base.

Flexibility for guests, efficiency for hosts

Contactless check-ins allow guests more flexibility than a traditional check-in experience. Delayed flight or just want to grab dinner on the way from the airport? No problem. You’ll be able to check in no matter how late you get to your rental.

For hosts, contactless check-ins mean no waiting around for guests. No need to even go to the rental property. That saves a tremendous amount of time and ultimately money. Especially if you would usually contract someone else or send an employee to do the check-ins. The exact number may vary depending on your business, but you could save around 100 hours per year if you have 8 stays per month on average.

Making contactless check-ins even smoother

And with Minut x Nuki integration, you can save even more time by automating your communication with guests. Since contactless check-ins provide no opportunity to talk in person, you need to make sure you’re on top of your game as it comes to text communication. 

You need to provide clear entry instructions ahead of the stay. And you need to time the messages right, so that the guest isn’t able to check in early. Minut can now help you schedule these messages, including fetching the right entry code from Nuki.

When you integrate Minut and Nuki accounts, Minut will automatically sync lock codes from Nuki (as long as you have the Nuki keypad)*. That means you won’t have to update guest details in Nuki’s system. If they’re already in the Minut system, we will be able to contact guests directly to send them check-in instructions and the entry code. That makes for consistent, professional and efficient communication, as you won’t have to keep copying/pasting the same messages or enter guest data twice (in both Minut and Nuki apps).

*This integration requires you to have a Nuki keypad. It’s part of the Nuki 3.0 SET. Get 15% off with the promo code MINUT2022.

Provide a better guest experience while saving time today

Contactless check-ins and excellent guest communication are key to a great stay. The Minut x Nuki integration allows you to achieve just that, all while saving time.

To set it up, go to the Integrations tab in our web app. Navigate to Nuki under “Smart locks,” choose the Set Up tab, and connect your homes from there. Learn more here.

Save 15% on the NUKI 3.0 Set

To celebrate the integration, Nuki is offering all Minut customers 15% off the Nuki 3.0 Set with the promo code MINUT2022*.

The Nuki 3.0 Set is their recommended Set for hosts and property managers. It contains 1 Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, 1 Nuki Bridge, 1 Nuki Keypad and 1 Nuki Fob. It enables a convenient check-in by simply entering a six-digit code on the Nuki Keypad. This way, your guests don’t need to download the free Nuki App.

With Minut and Nuki, time-consuming key handovers are a thing of the past. Automate check-ins by having Minut send your guests the access code to your rental.

*Only valid for use in the Nuki Online Shop. Expires on 19.08.2022.

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