The most powerful Airbnb home security sensor

Thanks to the official partnership between Minut and Airbnb, our noise sensor will allow all Airbnb hosts to manage their accommodations more serenely and securely.
Get our privacy-safe sensor and 3 months of subscription (Pro or Standard) for free.*
*Applies to the first year of the subscription plan only. It can only be redeemed once per Airbnb account, for up to 5 listings. Not available on Minut Legacy plans.
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A powerful privacy-safe monitoring tool

The Minut sensor will allow you to simultaneously monitor noise levels, occupancy, movement and temperature in your Airbnb accommodations.

Home Security

Arm a security alarm between bookings, get alerted when the fire alarm goes off and know when your guests arrive.

Noise & occupancy monitoring

Prevent parties, damage and neighbor complaints. Minut will alert you if it detects noise and/or crowding in your property.

Guest experience

Integrate with your smart lock to make check-ins and check-outs easier. Track temperature and humidity to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Outdoor mode

Protecting your neighbors’ peace and quiet starts outdoors. Know your rental inside out with our outdoor noise, temperature and humidity monitoring.

A sensor powered by cutting-edge technology

Our privacy-safe solution tracks the sound levels in your listing and will notify you when the noise gets too loud, so that you can act before the situation gets out of hand. You can choose between indoor and outdoor modes to target noise where it affects your neighbors the most.

Thanks to the Minut mobile application, you can always keep an eye on your accommodation and what is happening there.

Integrates with

Minut sends instant notifications to your guests through Airbnb messaging when excessive noise is detected – all without the need for your manual input.

Monitor occupancy

Minut monitors the number of devices present indoors in your listing and tells you when it increases, alerting you to potential parties and over occupancy.

Instant notifications

We will notify you as soon as the issue arises, so you'll quickly learn if there’s a problem in your listing.

Hosting made easy

In 94% of situations just one friendly text message is all it takes to address the issue. Automate your guest communication and watch the noise dissipate.

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Protect your Airbnb rental – even from a distance

Monitor your listing from anywhere in the world using our web and mobile apps. Quickly and easily check in on individual listings or your entire portfolio, get phone notifications about any potential issues, customize your thresholds and set up automated guest communication.
Please note that Minut´s products are offered only by Minut and that Airbnb is neither responsible nor liable for Minut´s products and services. Any agreements are solely between Minut and its customers and Airbnb is not a party to any agreements regarding Minut´s products.
As Hosts you are responsible to ensure the use of Minut´s products and services is compliant with applicable laws and that you sufficiently inform your guests about the use of Minut´s products and services in the listing during the guests´ stay.
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