How Jacksonheim Property Group already saved over £10,000 with Minut sensors

In this case study, we'll uncover how luxury property management company Jacksonheim Property Group managed to save over £10,000 a few months after installing their first Minut sensors!
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July 11, 2023
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How Jacksonheim Property Group already saved over £10,000 with Minut sensors

At Minut, we’re proud to partner with hosts in over 100 countries to help them protect their rentals and grow their businesses. In this case study, we’ll dive into our partnership with Jacksonheim property group, a fast-growing premium property group based in Manchester, United Kingdom. With Minut, they were able to save over £10,000 in property damages and evict 7 problematic bookings.

Privacy-safe security for luxury ‘homes away from home’ 

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Jacksonheim property group CEO Corin Jackson noticed a gap in the market for luxury ‘homes away from home’ during his earlier travels and quickly developed a passion for the short-term rental industry. After starting Jacksonheim property group, he immediately prioritized security within his rentals, choosing to work with trusted providers to ensure his properties, guests, and neighbors’ integrity was respected at all times. 

“As a homeowner, allowing guests into my property is something I take great pride in, however it does come with its risks. Adding these extra measures to keep my apartment safe and secure gives me a lot of peace of mind.” - Laura, homeowner

To counter the risks that come with renting out their properties, the Jacksonheim property group team decided to double down on security systems, from fire and CO2 detectors to security cameras on front doors and privacy-safe noise and occupancy detectors indoors. Although instances where guests lied about their activities within rentals were rare, they remained costly – which is why the team chose to install Minut within all their properties. 

With Minut, the Jacksonheim property group team is now able to avoid unauthorized parties and large gatherings without infringing on guest privacy – thus protecting their properties, guests, and community. 

An intuitive solution for result-oriented hosts

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Did you know that installing Minut took less than 15 minutes? To get started with your new Minut device, you won’t need any professional or technical support, which will help you save both time and resources. The Jacksonheim property group team was also able to effortlessly integrate Minut devices within their homes due to their simple yet elegant design. 

“Minut is so easy to install. It’s literally a ‘plug in and play’ solution, without the plugging in, due to the great battery life.” - Jacksonheim property group

Thanks to Minut’s quick notifications, you’ll be able to stop noise events before they have a chance to escalate – and therefore save thousands on potential property damage. The Jacksonheim property group evicted 7 bookings thanks to data provided by Minut and have saved an estimated £10,628.28 in property damages. The solution has been widely accepted by both property owners and guests, who – when they have concerns – are quickly reassured knowing that Minut is 100% privacy safe and does not film or record sounds. 

Because Minut integrates with most property management systems, streamlining activities becomes extremely easy. Automated alerts and notifications are quickly sent to both hosts and guests to make sure all potential issues are resolved swiftly. Using Minut has become a standard part of Jacksonheim property group’s onboarding process and a necessary part of the onboarding process and they recommend the use of our sensors to any property management company looking to prevent potential problems before they escalate.