How Minut helped the StellarDweller team put an end to noise issues in their popular Florida properties

Read on to find out how Minut helped Florida-based property management company StellarDweller put an end to noise issues in their rental properties.
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December 12, 2023
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How Minut helped the StellarDweller team put an end to noise issues in their popular Florida properties

StellarDweller is a leading Florida-based property management company sporting over 80 beautiful properties in the city of Destin, renowned for its many fishing and golfing facilities as well as its idyllic weather. The StellarDweller team started using Minut sensors in their properties in an effort to tackle excessive noise issues, thus helping them protect their properties and community from unauthorized parties (and the damage they can cause). In Florida, excessive noise regulations are strictly enforced, and choosing the right solution to avoid noise complaints is key to complying with local laws and growing your vacation rental business. 

An all-in-one solution for excessive indoor and outdoor noise issues

The StellarDweller team chose Minut as their noise monitoring solution because of its unique ability to solve an industry-wide issue: excessive noise and unauthorized parties in vacation rentals. In popular beach destinations such as Destin, Florida, parties are likely to happen indoors but also outdoors. Thanks to the Minut sensor’s ability to monitor excessive noise both inside and outside, the StellarDweller team is alerted as soon as noise goes above their pre-set threshold and their guests are automatically notified. By putting an end to outdoor parties before they get out of hand, you can help protect your neighbors from nuisance and help make the vacation rental industry a positive contributor to your community.

Automate guest communication and externalize noise responses to stay ahead of the game

The StellarDweller team’s favorite Minut feature is by far Guest Connect, which allows them to have their guests automatically contacted in case of excessive noise or occupancy. And the process is extremely simple. Once the StellarDweller team enabled Guest Connect* on their Minut app, it automatically connected to their property management system (or PMS). It then fetched their guests’ contact information to be able to automatically send them text messages and/or automated calls. Activating this feature allowed StellarDweller team member to gain extra peace of mind by knowing that their guests would be reminded to keep the noise down automatically – even outside of work hours. Using Minut in their properties helps Star Dweller remain ahead of the curve by showcasing their willingness to host responsibly and become better neighbors. 

*Please note that Guest Connect is only available to users with a Pro plan. Upgrade to Pro now.