How Minut helps Check Vienna improve operational efficiency and protect their beautiful Viennese homes

Read on to learn how Minut helped Viennese property management company Check Vienna double down on operational efficiency while saving costs and improving guest experience.
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November 9, 2023
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How Minut helps Check Vienna improve operational efficiency and protect their beautiful Viennese homes

Check Vienna is a property management company overseeing more than 270 apartments in the beautiful city of Vienna and providing its guests with apartments that allow them to relax, just like at home. From short-term to longer stays, Check Vienna guests can expect a stellar experience, a secure booking process, and the best prices on the market.

Ensuring peaceful coexistence with their neighbors is one of Check Vienna’s core tenets, which is why they chose Minut as their monitoring solution. As the first all-in-one sensor monitoring indoor and outdoor noise, occupancy, temperature, motion, humidity, and cigarette smoke, Minut allows the Check Vienna team to keep their properties in check while respecting guest privacy.

“We are happy to have found such a reliable tool that has offered us so much added value.” - Martin Reinisch, Check Vienna

Automated guest messaging with Guest Connect

The most impressive feature sported by the Minut sensor, according to Check Vienna, is its Guest Connect feature. Minut reaches out to your guests on your behalf via text messages and email notifications. This proactive approach ensures that guests are promptly reminded of the property’s rules when excessive noise or occupancy is detected, minimizing potential conflicts with neighbors and promoting harmonious living. Minut can also reach out to your guests to help them smoothly check in and out of your property. 

Beyond noise monitoring and automated messaging, Minut offers valuable insight into the state of your property such as mold and temperature monitoring. Mold monitoring prevents property damage, while temperature monitoring helps maintain ideal living conditions for guests. These features contribute to a seamless and comfortable guest experience.

Save on property damage costs and improve operational processes

The Check Vienna team reports that Minut has helped them prevent substantial property damage costs that could have threatened their long-term business viability. Minut's proactive monitoring and instant notifications proved to be an invaluable investment, enabling the Check Vienna team to sustain and grow its operations. 

The peace of mind and streamlined property management processes provided by Minut have elevated its value further, allowing Check Vienna to focus on other critical aspects of their business, confident that their properties are being well cared for – and allowing their team members to truly log off on their time off. Minut now also offers a game-changing Cigarette detection feature, allowing you to be notified as soon as cigarette smoke is detected in your property. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the feature actively fights false positives – which means you won’t be alerted when a guest accidentally burns their toast for breakfast!

Check Vienna would recommend the use of Minut sensors to all hospitality professionals. Do you want to learn more about how Minut can help you protect your property? Book a demo with us!