Kasa and Minut partner to protect properties all over the U.S.

The partnership shows our joint commitment to creating a stronger and more sustainable STR landscape.
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February 10, 2021
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Kasa and Minut partner to protect properties all over the U.S.

February 10, 2021 - Flexible accommodations operator Kasa has partnered with Minut, the preferred STR monitoring solution among hosts and property managers worldwide. Minut will provide award-winning protection to Kasa’s rapidly expanding portfolio of properties. Reliability at scale is key, as Kasa is planning to install Minut sensors in all of its 30+ U.S. markets, not only to protect their properties, but also to protect the safety and privacy of their guests, neighbours and community.

Minut provides a 100% privacy-safe solution that monitors sound levels in the property and notifies hosts and property managers whenever the noise rises above a customizable threshold for a prolonged period of time. This way, they can act quickly when there is a concerning amount of noise, but won’t get alerted every time a door slams. Minut strongly believes that peace of mind shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy. That's why the Minut home sensor never listens in nor records any sound - it simply tracks the decibel level inside the property.

Noise, unauthorized parties and property damage are some of the biggest challenges that the STR industry needs to overcome to become more sustainable. Minut was created to help property managers tackle them effectively.

"Through this partnership we aim to establish a new industry standard for safe and responsible hosting. We’re extremely excited for this opportunity to create a more sustainable STR landscape together with Kasa,” said Nils Mattisson, CEO of Minut

In order to be able to address any potential issues quickly, Kasa needs to have constant insight into what is happening at their properties. Full insight goes beyond just noise monitoring, and Minut is the only solution on the market that can provide it.

In addition to noise, Minut sensors also track temperature and humidity, alerting hosts to sudden changes. It has a motion detection feature, which can be used to see when guests arrive and leave, and a home alarm to protect homes between stays. Minut’s sound recognition capability can notify hosts when other alarms (such as smoke or carbon monoxide) are going off.

"Minut noise sensors are essential for us providing a safe short-term rental experience for property partners, neighbors, and guests," said Yvette Romero, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa. "They give us reliable 'eyes on the ground' in every one of our units. Additionally, by integrating Kasa into Minut's cloud platform, we have access to event data that we can use to improve operations."

With customers in over 120 countries, Minut is the only truly global solution for the short term rental industry. Self-installed in minutes, with a 12-month battery life, Minut can be installed in any room, in any property, anywhere in the world.

About Minut

Protect your home, your neighbors’ peace and quiet and your guests’ privacy with Minut. Get real-time analytics and notifications on noise, motion, temperature and humidity in your property, from anywhere in the world. Prevent parties, look after your home and build trust with neighbors. All without compromising on privacy.

About Kasa

Kasa is a national accommodations brand with roots in real estate and technology. The company partners with property owners to transform multifamily and boutique hospitality properties into professionally managed units that offer trustworthy and comfortable accommodations to business and leisure travelers alike. Kasa was founded in 2016 in San Francisco by a team that includes technology, hospitality and real estate professionals. For more information, visit www.kasa.com.