Minut x Airbnb Pilot Program: Effective in Promoting Responsible Tourism in Prague

Our research shows that Minut sensors helped detect and solve noise concerns in Airbnb listings in Prague.
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June 21, 2022
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Minut x Airbnb Pilot Program: Effective in Promoting Responsible Tourism in Prague

Back in September of 2021, we announced the Minut x Airbnb Pilot Program in Prague. We can now present the results which show that noise monitoring is a viable solution for responsible tourism in cities, with Minut solving 100% of noise events detected.

Exclusive offer for Prague Hosts on Airbnb

In fact, the results were so positive that we’re continuing our partnership with an exclusive offer for Hosts on Airbnb. Download the full report below to claim the offer and learn more.

About the program

During the past six months, we worked with a group of voluntary Hosts on Airbnb in Prague to equip their listings with a Minut sensor. Every participating Host received Minut sensor(s) and a year of Pro subscription for free.

The Hosts used Minut to detect and solve potential noise disturbance, all while respecting guest privacy. With Minut Pro, Hosts got access to Guest Connect - an automated communication feature enabling guests to be notified when Minut detects noise. Some Hosts opted to use Guest Connect while others preferred to communicate with guests directly via Airbnb.

Key takeaways

  1. While the majority of Hosts do not experience noise issues regularly, Minut sensors give Hosts better peace of mind.
  2. For Hosts that experienced noise, the sensors enabled fast intervention, eliminating the noise within 13 minutes on average.
  3. 100% of noise events detected by Minut were solved after communicating with guests.
  4. The vast majority (83%) of Hosts received positive feedback from guests.
  5. Neighbors were happy to see Hosts adopt a proactive approach to noise.
  6. Hosts named noise insight as the most important advantage of the pilot program.

For a deeper dive into each takeaway and details on our exclusive offer for Prague Hosts on Airbnb, download the full report.

Download the report