Minut x Hostaway: Resolve Noise Issues More Efficiently and Enhance Guest Communication

When you connect Minut and Hostaway accounts, the booking information - including contact details for the guests - will sync automatically.
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October 19, 2021
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At Minut, we’re committed to making vacation rental management easier, safer and more efficient for property managers and hosts all over the world. Our new integration with Hostaway, the all-in-one vacation rental software for ambitious and bright property managers, brings us another step closer to that goal.

By teaming up with Hostaway, we’re minimizing the time and resources needed to automate guest communication, helping hosts and property managers provide a better guest experience and resolve noise issues more efficiently. When you connect Minut and Hostaway accounts, the booking information - including contact details for the guests - will sync automatically. This means that Minut will be able to send your guests a welcome message or ask them to quiet down when it detects noise, without any extra effort required from you or your team.

We’re excited to have Hostaway as our new partner, not just because it’s a fellow Nordic brand, but also because of their mission to provide the tools, integrations and customer-support to allow their clients to scale up their business. Their fast-growing PMS & Channel Manager software enables its users to manage marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment and communication for their vacation rentals all in one place. Our new integration will now also enable property managers to link their sensor and booking data. 

Marcus Rader, CEO & Co-Founder of Hostaway commented: “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Minut today, particularly as they are a fellow start-up with Nordic roots. The Hostaway team were impressed by the range and depth of intelligent functions that Minut can offer to property managers, especially at a time when safety and security of guests is paramount.”

Nils Erik Mattisson, CEO of Minut added: "We couldn't be prouder to be adding Hostaway as our partner. At Minut, we always aim to work with industry leaders to help hosts and property managers protect their homes more efficiently. Together with Hostaway, we're making it easier to monitor vacation rentals and quicker to solve noise issues."

Our new integration will give vacation rental professionals the power of peace of mind by making property management and monitoring more seamless. It will save property managers and hosts valuable time and money, so that they can focus on what really matters - like providing a better guest experience and growing their business.

The integration is now live, so you can start enjoying it today! Simply go to the Integrations tab of our web app and click on Hostaway. We’ve included more detailed instructions here.