Minut x SUPERHOG: Eliminating Risk at Every Step

We’re bringing you the most comprehensive property protection solution yet.
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February 7, 2022
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Minut x SUPERHOG: Eliminating Risk at Every Step

There are different approaches to party prevention out there: guest screening, noise and occupancy monitoring, host guarantees to deal with the aftermath… With Minut and SUPERHOG, you can have all three. We’re bringing you the most comprehensive property protection solution yet.

Minut lets you keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. It can pick up the first signs of a party kicking off by looking out for noise and crowding. It can also resolve noise issues by contacting the guest. That should make sure you can be confident throughout the guest’s stay.

But what if that peace of mind started a bit earlier and ended a bit later? That’s where SUPERHOG comes in. They offer the leading guest screening solution for the vacation rental and serviced accommodation industry. SUPERHOG independently verifies users and puts protection in place for Guest property damage in the form of their guarantee and deposit.

Therefore, before your booking begins, SUPERHOG independently verifies your guest through a comprehensive guest screening process including: background checks, biometric face match, burner phone checks and many more. This is backed with SUPERHOG's guarantee and virtual damage deposit. With the added implementation of Minut's noise monitoring solution, you know you're protected as a host from before the booking has started, during the guest's stay and after the booking has ended.

That makes for a comprehensive solution that’s easy to implement and maintain. And there’s another perk: SUPERHOG offers discounts for Minut customers. Get in touch with them for more details here (referral code: Minut).

When it comes to protecting your short-term rental business, you can never be too careful. Just one party can cause severe damage to both your property and reputation. Our partnership with SUPERHOG gives you that extra layer of protection on top of our noise and occupancy monitoring. So that you can host happy, both before, during and after a guest stay.

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