Minut x Uplisting: We Solve Noise Issues, You Grow Your Business

We’re making it possible to resolve noise issues and communicate with guests in a fully automated manner - so that you can dedicate your time to what really matters, like growing your business.
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November 16, 2021
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Minut x Uplisting: We Solve Noise Issues, You Grow Your Business

There is nothing that makes us happier at Minut than seeing our customers grow. That’s why we decided to partner with Uplisting, the all-in-one property management solution designed specifically for growing short-term rental businesses.

Our new integration will make it easier for hosts and property managers to solve noise issues and communicate with their guests, so that they can spend less time on busywork, and more on what really matters. When enabled, the integration will automatically sync booking data from Uplisting, making sure that Minut always has the right contact information for the guests. This means that when Minut detects noise in your home, it’ll be able to remind your guests about house rules, either via an SMS or an automated phone call. In 94% of cases, just one friendly message is enough to solve the issue - and Minut will make sure that’s done quickly, before the situation escalates, and efficiently, without the need for your involvement.

This peace of mind, combined with Uplisting’s automated software, will allow homeowners to safely scale their business and grow with the changing market. Uplisting launched in 2017, after the co-founders met while working at HouseTrip (sold to TripAdvisor). They have since become an Airbnb Preferred Partner and work with managers across the globe, helping them increase revenue, decrease inefficiencies, create 5-star guest experiences and reliably grow.

Vince Breslin, CEO and Co-founder of Uplisting commented:

“Uplisting is constantly seeking the very best integrations to help us continually improve our scale-building software for our short-term rental members and we are thrilled to announce this new partnership. With Minut’s ingenious technology we’re helping hosts and managers save energy worrying about disruption or damage to their property, whilst also allowing them to efficiently maximise their communications with guests.”

Nils Erik Mattisson, CEO and Co-founder of Minut added:

"We've joined forces with Uplisting to create a more efficient way for hosts and property managers to resolve noise issues and manage their rentals. Uplisting shares our focus on enabling a better vacation rental experience for hosts, guests and neighbors alike, so we're really excited to be adding them as our partner."

Our partnership with Uplisting empowers hosts and property managers to protect their rentals and provide an excellent guest experience while keeping their operations lean. They will now be able to bring noise issues to an end, welcome guests, and guide them through check-out in a fully automated manner.

Give the integration a try by going to the Integrations tab on our web app and clicking on Uplisting. You can find more detailed instructions here.