Not Your Parent’s Security System

From dorm rooms to student homes, Minut gives students the peace of mind that everything is safe and sound back home.
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November 18, 2019
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Not Your Parent’s Security System

Back in 2013, when our founders were developing the first-generation Minut alarm, they discovered this lack of a happy medium in the home security market. Where was the system for people who weren’t comfortable with cameras, and didn’t want or need a full security system? The most affordable option at the time was wifi camera-based systems, which many were understandably hesitant to bring in their home. Our founders couldn’t find an answer to these questions, so they built one instead.

As our CEO Nils delved into the world of home security he realised there was a massive gap between the people with access to home security and those who would benefit the most from it. Statistically, young people aged, 20–35 are among the most likely groups to become a victim of crime at home but are one of the least likely groups to own a security system. Minut wants to change that, and by offering an affordable option, we hope that we can bring home security to those who may not have considered it before, or always assumed it was out of reach.

Peace of Mind for Everyone

Being a student is one of the best times in life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Living away from home for the first time can be intimidating, but knowing what you’re coming home to and that all your belongings are safe and sound while you away just means one less thing to worry about. Our smart home alarm, is self-installed, up and running in minutes, and can be taken with you when you move. Rather than relying on a remote monitoring centre, Minut puts the monitoring in your hands with our easy-to-use, simple app-based solution. From here, you will be able to monitor the noise and motion inside your room or home and receive instant alerts if anything out of the ordinary happens.

Home Health

Our system is more than just a security alarm and can help you make your living space as healthy as it can be. Minut is equipped with temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors in addition to noise and motion detection. This will allow you to monitor the environment inside your space, and ensure that your home is always at its healthiest. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and the conditions inside can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep, comfort, and overall personal health of its inhabitants.

Peace of Mind

For most, university will at some point involve living with strangers, and in student homes, your room can become quite the personal sanctuary. Placing a Minut in your room will ensure that no one is snooping around while you’re away and that everything is safe. Plus, having one in the common areas of your home can ensure that you never have to sit in a lecture wondering if you turned the oven off, or left a window open.

Team Effort

Our system incorporates a smart neighbourhood watch feature, which will allow you to give housemates tailored alarm access. This way, they will also be notified in the event of an issue, and depending on which network they are placed in, can also be given the ability to arm and disarm the alarm.


Before our system, the most affordable home security option was a wifi camera. This can be intrusive, insecure, and change the private nature of the home. Home is a sanctuary, and our device was built out of respect for the private nature of this space. Minut analyses the data on the device itself, rather than needing to send it to a cloud server somewhere, so you can be sure that what happens in your home or room will never travel outside of that space.

Home for the Holidays

Many student homes and halls will be almost entirely empty during the holidays, which can leave these properties especially susceptible to crime and vandalism. With Minut, you’ll be able to monitor your home while travelling or back home, ensuring that all is well while everyone is away.

Security for Everyone

At Minut, we believe that feeling secure is something everyone should have access to. Our system was designed to be simple, easy-to-use, and affordable for everyone, as student life can be expensive enough as it is.