Minut helps you protect your homes from parties, noise complaints, damage & intruders. With automated guest communication, PMS integrations and award-winning hardware we’ve got everything you need to host happy.

Peace of mind knowing your homes are protected

Noise monitoring

Minut monitors the noise levels in your homes, without recording any sound. Whenever the noise levels go above the pre-set threshold for a customised duration of time you will receive an instant notification.

Alarm sound recognition

Minut makes your other alarms smart by recognizing their sounds. If your smoke or CO detector sounds, Minut will recognize this and send you an instant notification.

Occupancy monitoring

Make sure your property isn't overcrowded with Crowd detect. The feature counts the number of mobile devices in your home and will alert you when it exceeds the threshold, indicating that a large gathering might be assembling.

Home security alarm

There’s a built in security alarm that will trigger if motion is detected when the alarm is turned on. A 95 dB siren will sound and the sensor will flash, to scare off any intruder.
Automated guest communication

Guest Connect

Prevent property damage, quickly resolve noise issues and ensure a great guest experience with automated guest communication.

In 94% of cases simply reminding your guests to keep the noise down solves the problem within 15 minutes. By automating guest communication, you can make sure all issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

SMS to Guest & Autocall

Minut can send your guest a text message and/or give them an automated phone call when noise is detected.

Flash & sound

Minut can alert your guests that noise has been detected by flashing and sounding.

Fully customizable

Set up a custom response sequence in the Minut app to make sure it works for your business. All the message templates are fully customizable as well.

Check-in and check-out messages

Schedule check-in and check-out messages to provide top-notch guest experience with minimal effort.

Optimize and scale your team

Web & mobile apps

Manage all your homes in one place via our web and mobile apps. Invite members of your team and you will all receive real-time notifications of events.

Zapier & API access

Connect your apps and automate workflows by integrating Zapier to your Minut account. Learn more about Zapier here.

You can also get in touch with hello@minut.com to discuss API integrations.

PMS Integrations

You can collect all your sensor and booking data in one place, by integrating Minut with your property management system. Guesty, Smoobu, BookingSync and Hostfully integrations are currently available, and more integrations will be released in the near future.

Comfort for your guests

100% privacy-safe

Our sensors measure sound levels without recording or listening. They don’t collect, store or share any personal data. So you and your guests can relax in total privacy.

Temperature & humidity

Monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your home to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. You can also get alerts to situations such as the AC or heating being left on all day, or the heating system breaking.

Mold risk analysis

Minut can analyse the risk of mold growing. If this happens you will be alerted in the app and offered suggestions as to how to reduce this risk.


If enabled, when someone walks under the unit at night, it will light the way. In the app you can choose which hours of the night you’d like the feature to be on for, or turn it off entirely.

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