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Minut takes care of your home, guests and neighbors as your co-host would. Welcome your guests when they arrive. Remind them about house rules when they’re being a bit too loud. Secure your home when they leave.

Noise & Occupancy

Be a good neighbor and host responsibly. Prevent parties and property damage. Avoid neighbor complaints and fees. Comply with local noise ordinances and occupancy regulations.

With Minut, you can get real-time insight into what’s happening at your property - so that you can spot irregularities and solve them before they become problems.

Noise monitoring

Minut monitors sound levels, and notifies you when it detects noise. You can set your own thresholds, deciding for yourself how loud is too loud in your home - both during and outside of Quiet Hours.

You can also decide how long the noise needs to last before you get a notification. So you’ll know immediately if there’s an issue you need to address, but won’t get alerted every time a door slams.

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Occupancy monitoring

Minut counts the number of mobile devices in the property, and alerts you when that number rises, indicating a crowd may be assembling. You can set your own occupancy threshold.

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Guest Connect

Automate guest communication and make sure noise issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. In 94% of cases simply reminding your guests to keep the noise down solves the problem within 15 minutes.

SMS to Guest & Autocall
Minut can send your guest a text message and/or give them an automated phone call when noise is detected. You can customize what the messages say and when they’re sent.

Flash & Sound
Minut can alert your guests that noise has been detected by flashing and sounding.

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Tamper detection

Minut will let you know immediately if someone tries to tamper with the device - either by pressing the button, or removing the sensor from its mounting plate.

100% privacy-safe

Minut was built for privacy. The sensor is camera-free and does not record conversations nor store any personal data, protecting your guests’ privacy.

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Cigarette detection

You asked, we delivered: Minut will now alert you when cigarette smoke is detected indoors. Just enable the feature on your new generation sensor to start protecting your home and community.

Indoor cigarette detection

Minut monitors cigarette smoke particles in your property, which means it won’t get triggered by a burning toast! Powered by AI, the feature will keep improving over time as it gathers real-life data.

Swift notifications

You’ll be notified as soon as smoke particles are detected in your home. Minut also keeps a log of all previous cigarette and noise events so you can find the data you need, all in one place.

Outdoor mode

Put your Minut on outdoor mode to monitor noise on your patio, terrace, pool... where it bothers your neighbors the most.

The Minut sensor is weatherproof, and it’s the only sensor on the market that works natively outdoors - no need for add-ons or extra sensors!

Outdoor noise monitoring

Minut monitors outdoor noise and alerts you when it gets too loud. Just like for indoors, you can customize your thresholds, quiet hours and set up a Guest Connect flow to help you solve the issue.


AudioID fights false positives. It uses AI and edge processing to filter out the noise created by wind around the sensor, giving you data you can really trust while protecting privacy.

Temperature and humidity

Minut measures the temperature and humidity in your outdoor area, giving you instant insight into your local weather conditions.

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Standalone device

You don't need another sensor to make this one work. So it's up to you to decide how many sensors you need and where to install them.

9:10 PM
Living Room
Crowd Detect
The number of detected devices is above the mobile device threshold
9:10 PM
Living Room
It's been noisy for 10 minutes
Noise level has been above the set threshold of 75 dB for 10 minutes and is now 82 dB. You will be updated if it's noisy or quiet again at 10:10 PM.
8:25 AM
Living Room
Alarm sound detected
Minut detected an alarm sounding in your home

Guest experience

Great guest experience starts with the check-in. Schedule messages to make sure it goes smoothly. Keep an eye on temperature, humidity and mold risk throughout the stay to guarantee that 5-star guest experience.

Scheduled messages

Schedule messages to ease contactless check-ins and check-outs. Save time by communicating more effectively and provide a better guest experience.

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Temperature & humidity

Track temperature and humidity levels to make sure your guests are comfortable. Minut can alert you when they go above or below your threshold.

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Motion detection

Keep an eye on motion to know that your guests successfully checked in and out.

Mold risk

Monitor mold risk to prevent damage and guarantee a healthy home for your guests.


Turn on Nightlight to light the way for your guests when they walk under the sensor at night.


Integrations & API

Manage more efficiently and keep operations lean by integrating with your PMS. Automate contactless check-ins when you link your smart lock. Build custom solutions with Zapier & API Access.

Check out our list of integrations here.

Property Management Systems

Integrate with your PMS to automatically sync booking information, minimizing errors and busywork. This way, you can make sure that Minut can always reach your guests.

Check out our list of integrations here.

Smart locks

Make contactless check-ins even easier by automatically sharing the lock code with your guests.

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Climate Control

Integrate with your smart thermostat to save on energy bills and do your part for the environment.

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Zapier & API Access

Build custom solutions with Zapier and API Access.

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8:25 AM
Living Room
Motion detected!
Minut detected motion
Security alarm
Living room
Last updated
9:20 AM
78 °F
52 dB
Mold risk

Home security

Secure your home between bookings. Get notified instantly if the fire alarm goes off. Know when there’s movement in areas with restricted access.

Security alarm & siren

Turn on the security alarm to secure your home between bookings. If Minut detects motion while the alarm is on, you’ll get an alert and a siren will sound.

Motion detection

Use the silent alarm feature to get alerted to movement where there shouldn’t be any (for example, in areas with restricted guest access).

Alarm recognition

Minut can recognize and alert you to other alarms (such as CO or fire) going off.

Window break detection

Minut will let you know if it detects a window breaking.

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