How Minut helps their customers provide the best guest experience while saving them money

Minut works with property management companies and hosts worldwide to help boost guest experience while allowing them to save money on operational and damage costs. In this case study, find out how customers benefit from installing Minut sensors in their homes – in their own words!
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August 8, 2023
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How Minut helps their customers provide the best guest experience while saving them money

At Minut, we work with hosts and property management professionals worldwide to help make the hospitality industry a better place for everyone – from guests to hosts and neighbors. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with STR game changers from various countries in an effort to protect their properties and enhance guest experience. In this blog post, we’ll be letting you in on how we worked with them to boost revenue, reduce damage costs – and make their properties even more attractive to future guests!

How Kasa uses Minut to bring residents, hosts, and guests together

kasa interiors guest experience

Kasa’s mission is to create a global accommodations brand that is indispensable to property owners, beloved by guests, and desired by residents. At Kasa, safety is the number one priority, which means investing in high-quality security and monitoring services is a must. They chose Minut as it provides them with all the tools they need to monitor homes through a single robust device. 

“Partnering with Minut has also allowed us to share with prospective property partners that Kasa is committed to Safety.” - The Kasa team

Minut not only provides the Kasa team with awareness into what is happening in their rentals but also hard data points allowing them to keep track of all noise events. Thanks to Minut’s intuitive interface, Kasa guests are also able to check in and out of homes effortlessly and are reassured knowing that the solution used to monitor their accommodation is respectful of their privacy.

“In Minut, we found a true partner who could lead the charge in delivering forward-thinking features within the same device.” - The Kasa team

How Jacksonheim Property Group saves thousands on property damage every year

save money while improving guest experience

At Jacksonheim Property Group, providing the best luxury guest experience to guests is the number one priority. With the help of Minut, the Jacksonheim team has been able to save over £10,000 on property damage. How did we help them? We provided them with an intuitive solution allowing them to monitor noise and occupancy levels instantly and without the need for technical help during installation. 

“Minut is so easy to install. It’s literally a ‘plug in and play’ solution, without the plugging in, due to the great battery life.” - The Jacksonheim Property Group team

Minut not only provided the Jacksonheim Property Group team with all the tools they needed to ensure their properties remained protected at all times but also helped them make checking in and out of homes easier than ever. This resulted in a higher satisfaction rate amongst both hosts and guests, making Minut a standard part of their onboarding process. 

“As a homeowner, allowing guests into my property is something I take great pride in, however it does come with its risks. Adding these extra measures to keep my apartment safe and secure gives me a lot of peace of mind.” - Laura, homeowner

How Guestit offers the best guest experience possible while maintaining high security standards

short-term rental home excellent guest experience

Guestit is a fast-growing short-term rental company, providing guests with a high-yield subletting in multiple Swedish cities. Guestit chose Minut to double down on home security while constantly working on improving guest experience through an easier check-in process and monitoring of their homes. The Minut sensor not only monitors noise levels but also occupancy, temperature, humidity, and cigarette smoke.

With the help of Minut, Guestit were able to reduce noise complaints to almost zero and prevent multiple unauthorized parties before the situation got a chance to escalate. By automating guest communication and home security thanks to the Minut sensor, Guestit has saved time and resources, which they dedicated to scaling and growing their business. 

How Bob W leverages tech to create a more sustainable hospitality business

sustainable hospitality business guest experience

Bob W is a responsible tech company operating in hospitality and providing climate-neutral accommodations in multiple cities across Europe. We work with them to help automate guest interactions and protect their rentals from noise disturbances and unauthorized parties. Since installing Minut, the Bob W team has improved their relationships with their neighbors and they are currently in the process of rolling out more sensors in their Spanish properties. 

“The response from guests has been overwhelmingly positive, primarily because we have built gentle, friendly text message automations which are triggered when certain rules are met relating to decibel levels and duration of the noise. “ - Bob W team 

Minut’s temperature control feature is a great way of monitoring utility use during rental periods to ensure your carbon use remains responsible at all times.

"Minut has helped us protect our Madrid properties from loud noise so we can maintain a good relationship with neighbors. We plan on rolling out more Minuts in our properties in Spain.” - Diego Nieto, Senior Operations Specialist at Bob W

How My Getaways grew their portfolio, reduced costs, and maximized profits with Minut

grow your portfolio with Minut improve guest experience

MyGetaways is a short-term rental company based in the wider Sussex region. MyGetaways customers are always provided with the best guest experience possible and an unforgettable stay. After experiencing a few unauthorized parties and noise complaints in their rentals, the MyGeatways team began to look for an intuitive solution allowing them to monitor noise levels in their rentals to help protect their community while optimizing costs.

“Installation takes less than 5 minutes and it works really well for us.” - MyGetaways CEO Steve Taggert

Thanks to Minut’s quick installation time, the MyGetaways team was able to roll out Minut in their rentals without the need for any technical support and quickly experienced fewer noise complaints. 

“Noise monitoring has transformed our business and allowed us to manage large groups and properties effectively.” - MyGetaways CEO Steve Taggert 

The team particularly appreciated Minut’s easy-access graphs which allowed them to consistently keep track of all previous and ongoing noise events. This way, they’re one step ahead of the game and can prove whether a noise event actually occurred in one of their properties. This way, they considerably reduced the occurrence of false alerts and reduced their overhead costs.

“If you do get complaints you can often find that people are complaining about the wrong property and you can show with certainty that noise is not being made in your property” - MyGetaways CEO Steve Taggert 
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