Point listens to the sounds of your home, senses what's in the air and lets you know if anything seems wrong. Play video.

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Know your home is safe when you're away.

Homes are private.

Cameras make the home environment uncomfortable and have to be monitored. Just knowing everything is fine at home should be easy.

Detectors aren't dumb.

Smoke detectors and CO alarms works just as well when we are away, but it's to no avail if no one is there to listen to them beep.

Point combines sound and sensor data to recognize events you care about.


Point analyzes sound and environmental data in real-time. No sound is stored. Peace of mind, without giving up on privacy.


Point comes with an array of sensors and an innovative particle detector. It can sense smoke and other common home hazards.


Point requires no wires. It connects to the internet over wifi and runs on regular replaceable batteries.


Point is designed in Scandinavian tradition. It's simple and unbranded, letting it blend into any home, anywhere.

Instant overview of your home.


Point tracks temperature, humidity and noise levels over time. See how your home is changing with the seasons or just over the course of a day, week or month.

Your home. Your way.

Every home is unique. Point can be set up specifically for the conditions in your home, so you get notified about the events that matter to you.

One app for your home.

Have a smart lock, connected thermostat or coffee-machine? Point integrates with IFTTT and third-party products to save all events from your home in one place.