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Smart Home Monitoring

Noise, motion and temperature monitoring. Peace for your neighbors. Privacy for your guests. Security for you. Minut makes short term rental work for everyone.

100% Privacy-safe noise monitoring

Minut is the home sensor built for privacy. Guest privacy is our first priority. Minut is camera-free. Our sensors measure sound levels without recording or listening. Minut devices don’t collect, store or share personal data. So you and your guests can relax in total privacy.

  • Camera-free
  • No recordings
  • On-device analysis

Happy neighbors & guests

Sharing a home through short-term rental should leave everyone smiling - guests, hosts and neighbors. Party prevention, noise monitoring, guest privacy and home security, at Minut we’ve got everything you need to host happy.

Noise monitoring

Prevent noise issues by tracking not just how loud it is, but how long it is loud for, so you won’t be alerted every time a door slams.

Noise monitoring

Prevent noise issues by tracking not just how loud it is, but how long it is loud for, so you won’t be alerted every time a door slams.

Motion & temperature

Know when your guests arrive or check out, and if the A/C of heating has been left on.


Peace of mind knowing your property is 100% privacy-safe.

Self-installed & wireless

Minut can be self-installed anywhere in less than 3 minutes.

Smart home alarm

Get an instant notification if any unexpected motion is detected in your property.

Recognize other alarms

Minut can recognise and alert you to other alarms going off, such as smoke and CO.

Manage your entire portfolio in one place

Quickly and easily check-in on your entire portfolio at a glance, get instant alerts to any potential issues, customize thresholds, and set up automated guest communication.

The Smart Noise Monitoring Solution

The Smart Noise Monitoring Solution

Our 100% privacy-safe service will notify you instantly to sustained noise levels above your customized threshold. So you won’t receive a notification every time a door slams. Minut is the best way to protect your home, respect your guests privacy & keep your neighbours happy.

Peace of mind shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy, that’s why the Minut smart home sensor never records any audio, it simply tracks the sound levels. Privacy has, and always will be at the heart of everything we do.

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Are you a property manager?

We've got you covered

Protecting your properties is about more than noise. Only Minut gives you the insights you need to keep your properties safe and your guests and neighbors happy. No cameras needed and 100% privacy safe.

Protect your home with the right plan

Whether you’re a homeowner, a host or a property manager we have a plan that fits your needs.

For individual homeowners that rent out their home a couple of times each year.
What's included?
  • 1 user
  • 1 home
  • 90-day data history
For efficient monitoring of multiple homes by multiple users.
All of Starter, plus:
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited data history
  • Monitor multiple homes
* A Standard/Pro subscription is required per home.
Easily manage your properties with automated guest communication, PMS integrations and API access.
All of Standard, plus:
  • Automated guest communication
  • PMS integrations
  • Zapier automation
  • API access

Smart home alarm

When the security alarm feature is enabled, if any unexpected motion is detected in your property a loud siren will sound and you’ll receive an instant notification.

So, whether you have Minut in your home, a rental property or a summer house, you can rest assured knowing your property is being protected.

Perfect for every type of home
Our all-in-one devices work together to create a perfectly customized monitoring solution for your home. We recommend installing your Minut Smart Home Sensor in a communal area such as the living room, then you can easily add additional devices to monitor other areas, such as the kitchen, hallway or bedroom.

One device

Smaller home

Two devices

Medium home

Three devices

Larger home

Setup is simple

Download the app

Fully charge & connect to wi-fi

Mount on the ceiling and relax

A service that
gets smarter

A service that
gets smarter

We're constantly working on new features and improvements to ensure the best experience for our users, from integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to user requested features such as the motion triggered Nightlight.

* Alexa is only available in the US.
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One device. One world.

Minut is the global leader in property monitoring, helping people prevent, detect and resolve issues within their properties. With customers in more than 90 countries and a global network of professional partners, only Minut can offer an out of the box solution that works worldwide.


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