Call Assist: Trained operators are ready 24/7, because over 70% of noise issues happen at night.

We've added our call assist service so you can resolve noise-related issues much faster and worry-free. Discover all the benefits of this new service!
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March 21, 2024
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Call Assist: Trained operators are ready 24/7, because over 70% of noise issues happen at night.

Over 70% of noise issues happen late at night, meaning hosts and property managers need to be available 24/7 to deal with these complaints. We believe property managers should be able to relax at night knowing their properties and their business are safe, that’s why we’ve created a new service to help do just that.

Call Assist allows you to switch off, knowing a trained operator will call your guest to remind them about your house rules when there is excessive noise. Not only is it available 24/7 all year round, it's also available in both English and French, with additional language support coming soon. 

In recent years, excessive noise and neighbor disruptions have become an all too familiar issue for property managers . With increasingly stringent noise regulations on the horizon, and the number of unauthorized parties and the associated costs on the rise, the need for noise monitoring and quick issue resolution matters now more than ever. 

“I have seen a huge reduction in noise complaints in general. I never have to worry about contacting guests in the middle of the night again!” - Tom, Call Assist user.

Call Assist is designed to reduce your workload when you are off the clock. Minut only sends out alerts when noise is detected above the threshold you’ve set. When noise is detected above the pre-set threshold, one of our trained experts will make a personal phone call to remind them to keep the noise down. After every call, the host is provided with a summary of the call. This is written by the operator who placed the call to the guest and is forwarded automatically to the host by email.

Unparalleled response time 

With Minut, most noise issues are solved in under 15 minutes. When dealing with noise issues, response time is critical, as the longer an event occurs, the more likely it is that there will be property damage, disruption to the community and even neighbor complaints. With Call Assist we can help you put an end to excessive noise, no matter when it occurs.

Protect business with Minut’s trained phone operators

With most noise issues and complaints in vacation rentals occurring at unsociable hours, many property managers find themselves faced with a tough decision: should they compromise their work-life balance to handle them? Setting up a 24/7 team, or having on-call duty for an internal team, requires planning and increased overhead costs. Call Assist provides a unique solution to this problem by allowing you to externalize your noise disturbance response. Our operators are trained in friendly conflict resolution, are fluent in both English and French, and are available to reach out to guests no matter the country or time zone, saving you time, money, and providing you with extra peace of mind. 

Call Assist reduces your costs, workloads and worries.

At Minut, we believe in providing tools to help you grow your business. With Call Assist not only can you prevent parties and protect your business, but you can do so without incurring the costs of additional headcount. By embracing new tools and technologies, we can work together to put an end to excessive noise in vacation rental properties and embrace noise regulations to protect communities worldwide.

“Call assist is a great addition... Receiving a personal phone call makes a big difference – and it has already had a big impact on our vacation rental business. We experience less noise disturbance issues, and when we do, they’re solved in just a few minutes.” Deb, Call Assist user.