Case Study: Minut x Kasa

Hear from Yvette Romero, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa, about how Minut provided Kasa with the insight needed to live up to their mission and grow trust with property partners and communities.
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November 9, 2021
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Case Study: Minut x Kasa
Bringing together owners, guests and residents

Kasa’s mission is to create a global accommodations brand that is indispensable to property owners, beloved by guests, and desired by residents.

“At Kasa, we aspire to set a new standard of reliability, comfort, and convenience for business and leisure travelers alike.”

Kasa is based in San Francisco but our workforce is entirely remote and we have colleagues in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. We collaborate across 6 time zones and 47 cities. We currently have units in more than 30 US markets.

Safety powered by insight

Safety is fundamental to Kasa in our mission to build a global accommodations brand that is beloved by guests, indispensable to property partners, and desired by neighbors.

In the Trust & Safety team, the situations we work with on a daily basis are full of unknowns and we are often operating without important information. We need an industry-leading monitoring solution to ensure we live up to our mission and have visibility into what is taking place in each of our units remotely.

We chose Minut, because it provides multiple sensors in one robust device. The noise sensor specifically outperformed two other competing devices. 

“In Minut, we found a true partner who could lead the charge in delivering forward-thinking features within the same device.”

Minut’s strengths are in giving us awareness into what is happening. Minut gives us critical hard data points like noise and motion to piece together what happened while proactively monitoring for noise-related disturbances to our communities. The API provides access to data that helps inform our operations.

All in all, Minut has played a vital role in helping us deliver an automated tech-enabled hospitality experience.

Seamless integration

Minut devices made it easy to plan and install across our units in buildings across the country, with minimal planning. The Minut team provided support when we needed it.

Minut integrated seamlessly into the existing technical solutions that power Kasa and keep everyone safe.

Growing community trust

Deploying Minut devices within each of our Kasa units has increased trust and confidence with our property partners and the communities we operate in.

“Partnering with Minut has also allowed us to share with prospective property partners that Kasa is committed to Safety.”

While we do get some questions from guests about what the device is, we do not have any reactions from neighbors which, in many ways, is a good thing and means the devices are working.

We will continue to place Minut devices in each of our units, and we would absolutely recommend Minut to other accommodations brands, as safety is not proprietary and all communities can benefit from utilizing Minut’s technology.

We are incredibly passionate about leading our industry when it comes to community safety and we know that Minut has the vision, ability, and commitment to delivering the solutions we need.

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