Enable new growth strategies and protect your vacation rentals with elina and Minut

Read on to learn more about our integration with elina, an all-in-one property management solution aiming to inspire and enable hospitality providers through ideas and innovation.
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November 21, 2023
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Enable new growth strategies and protect your vacation rentals with elina and Minut

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our integration with elina, a leading all-in-one property management solution founded in 2017. Every day, the elina team lives by their mission to “enable and inspire hospitality providers through ideas and innovation.”

This new integration will allow you to go beyond simply managing your properties and reservations and enable you to optimize operations, drive growth through innovative strategies, and protect your vacation rentals at a distance – all while protecting guest privacy.

One integrated solution for all your vacation rental needs

Minut is the first all-in-one solution that monitors excessive noise, occupancy, temperature, motion, humidity, and unauthorized cigarette smoke in your vacation rental properties. Our Guest Connect feature also allows you to automate guest communication – from check-in to check-out. With our newly launched Call Assist, you can even get trained operators to personally phone guests in case of persistent excessive noise.

You can easily personalize guest messages via your Minut app or you can choose to go with the prompts we’ve carefully crafted for you and your team. Manually contacting your guests in case of excessive noise or to help them check into your property can be draining, which is why Minut will take care of everything for you! And you won’t need to switch between platforms to manage your rentals either constantly. Whether you’ve logged in to your Minut or elina app, you can now access and manage guest communication as well as entries and exits.

Spend your time on what matters most: growing your vacation rental business

Elina is not only a top-notch property management system allowing you to streamline operations in your vacation rental business, but it also comprises a next-generation channel manager enabling you to reliably distribute your services on the biggest channels out there. With elina, you’ll also be able to integrate with your favorite vacation rental tools, from housekeeping apps to revenue management tools and privacy-safe monitoring solutions like the Minut sensor.

To get started, all you need to do is link your Minut and elina accounts. Minut will automatically gather data about your properties and guests through elina, enabling us to automatically contact them on your behalf – allowing you to save precious time and reduce the potential for errors. Research we’ve conducted shows that, in most cases, a simple text reminder is all you need to put an end to an excessive noise situation. Whenever excessive noise or occupancy is detected by the Minut sensor, we will send you and/or your guests a friendly reminder to reduce noise levels and to respect quiet hours. In turn, you’ll save up to $1,600 a year on property damage costs, protect the surrounding community, and will improve operational efficiency by saving precious time.

Get started instantly

With Minut and elina’s integration, you can strengthen your home security strategy while streamlining business operations and reducing the potential for error. Linking your two accounts will help you reconcile your vacation rental with its surroundings, enable you to put an end to hefty property damage costs, and help you enhance guest experience – all through one integrated solution.

And we’ve saved the best for last – if you already have Minut and elina accounts, you can be all set up in just minutes! Just visit the Integrations tab in the Minut web app, select elina under 'Property management systems,' and click on Connect. For a more detailed guide, refer to our Support article.