Female empowerment in STR

This Women's day, we celebrate the success of female-led short-term rental businesses and let you know how to make your own rental more appealing to female solo travelers. Let's dive in!
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March 6, 2023
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Female empowerment in STR

At Minut, our mission is to make home-sharing work for everyone. This Women’s day, we’d like to let you in on some of the short-term rental industry’s wins when it comes to female empowerment, from the incredible success of female-led STR companies to the ways in which you can make your own rental more appealing to female solo travelers.  

With 80% of travel decisions being made by women, catering to their needs is crucial. While most hosts care (and should care) about women's safety, it is important to increase our efforts to make all guests, both men and women, feel comfortable within rentals. In a world where more cases of unsafe Airbnbs and hidden cameras are reported, we believe that everyone in STR  has a role to play in making our shared homes a better and safer place. And who’s better placed to teach us about female empowerment in the hospitality industry than female STR leaders?

Follow in the footsteps of Altovita and Abode Worldwide, two female-led STR game changers

Altovita is a game-changing female-led corporate housing platform hosting professionals all around the world, from London to Sāo Paulo and Sydney. Founded by Vivi Cahyadi Himmel and Karolina Saviova, it was designed with the purpose of combining data-driven scalable technology and a human-centric approach to make the world of corporate housing more innovative. 

Altovita has quickly expanded over the years, with an impressive 367% year-on-year growth. In a world where women at times struggle to gather enough financial backing to start their own ventures, it is important to note that female-led companies tend to outperform those that are dominated by men. By choosing to support short-term rental businesses created by women, you can help break this dichotomy and work towards creating a fairer future for the hospitality industry as a whole. At Minut, we’re also working towards a future where employees of all genders and backgrounds are represented within the workforce, especially in the tech industry where women and people of color are notoriously underrepresented. 

Abode Worldwide is also an inspiring example of the success of female-led STR corporations. Jessica Gillingham, its founder and CEO, created the specialist PR and content agency for lodging tech innovators with the aim of raising up innovative tech brands serving the short-term rental industry. Abode Worldwide boasts an impressive portfolio of international clients and is currently working towards a B Corp accreditation. In spite of its impressive rise to the top, the agency never dismissed the importance of giving back, and donates 1% of its profits each year. According to Forbes, when women lead, they tend to use empathy as a source of inspiration and productivity, making female-led organizations powerful sources of societal change and progress. 

The short-term rental industry’s flexibility allows women to thrive 

The short-term rental industry has experienced many ups and downs since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, but has now begun to flourish again, and is slowly landing back on its feet. The industry’s strength lies in its regained attractiveness (most people are eager to travel since most restrictions have been lifted) but may also be due to its inherent diversity. Recent data from The State of STR Community Survey shows that women lead the daily operations of the STR industry and that its flexibility draws many women in – and entices them to stay. With women still bearing the majority of household chores and childcare, most of them value work-from-home opportunities as well as flexible schedules. 

Although work has yet to be done regarding allowing women to reach their full potential and gain access to higher positions within the industry, these statistics do show the strength of the STR sector when it comes to allowing women to balance their personal and professional lives – without having to compromise.

Tips to make your short-term rental more inclusive and appealing to female solo travelers: 

1: Make checking in as smooth as possible

A smooth check-in is key to a great guest experience. Providing clear explanations and allowing female guests to know the ins and outs of your property before they arrive can be a major decision-making factor for them when choosing a listing. 

2: Create a secure environment with privacy-safe monitoring tools 

With an alarming increase in cases of guests discovering hidden cameras in their short-term rental accommodations, more women have become aware of the risks that can come with unsafe monitoring methods while traveling. By choosing a safe alternative and displaying it on the property listing, you can let female travelers know that you are a trustworthy host, but also that you are respectful of their privacy – and that’s a game changer! 

3: Provide detailed information regarding the surroundings of your property

Assessing the safety and practicality of a short-term rental property is also about scoping its surroundings. By providing all travelers with detailed information regarding the amenities you’re offering and the services available around them, you can help female guests plan their trips with more confidence.

4: Take women’s feedback into account

Most travelers rely on other guests’ feedback to choose their short-term rental – but you shouldn’t wait for a review to ask how your guests’ stay was or if they have any suggestions to offer! By listening to female guests and giving them the opportunity to provide you with their ideas and feedback, you’ll be able to work on making your property a great fit for female travelers, boost your ratings, and welcome even more guests in the future!