How Minut helps Rove Travel save thousands on their New York City homes

In this case study, find out how we work with Rove Travel to help them save thousands on their New York City rentals and double down on home security.
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May 16, 2023
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How Minut helps Rove Travel save thousands on their New York City homes

We at Minut take pride in collaborating with the best property management companies on the market. Let’s dive into our partnership with Rove Travel, a luxury remote-friendly property management company based in the United States.

The perfect solution for guest risk management

save on your homes with Minut

With a portfolio of over 50 properties located all over the United States, Rove Travel is all about building strong relationships with property owners and delivering the best service possible to their guests. However, renting out one’s property does not come without risks, and ensuring rentals remain free of harm or illegal practices is key to maintaining a steady profit curve and avoiding heavy damage costs. 

But how does Rove Travel work to ensure excellent guest risk management standards in all the properties they operate in? First, they complement property owners’ existing home insurance with their coverage to add an extra layer of protection to all their customers. Rove Travel also enforces a strict no parties policy and vettings prior to booking. With their good neighbor policy, smart home technology, and premium design, they position themselves as leaders in the luxury property management niche – a sector in which security is of the utmost importance. 

Your home security strategy’s cornerstone

homes Rove Travel noise monitoring

Minut is Rove Travel’s security strategy’s cornerstone. When a sensor is installed in a property, it automatically begins assessing decibel levels, occupancy, and humidity levels to both ensure that guests have a comfortable experience and that the home remains protected at all times. Beyond its unique ability to detect excessive noise and occupancy without infringing on guest privacy, Rove Travel have chosen Minut for its sensors’ design, portability, and because it is wireless. It is barely noticeable by guests, which reduces the risk of the device being removed by them. Our sensors’ batteries last for up to a year without needing to be recharged, meaning they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet and will not give up on you when you need them the most! On top of that, the setup time is minimal and Rove Travel employees can install the sensor without the need for external help in just minutes. 

The Minut app’s interface is seamless, allowing users to swiftly access the integrations they need to manage their properties at the touch of a button. This way, Minut can send automated messages directly to your guests without the need for manual input, so you can save time and focus on growing your business. Although other monitoring technologies allow Rove Travel to keep their homes safe – smart locks for example – Minut provides them with real-time insight and data so they can reach out to guests instantly if need be. Thanks to Minut, Rove Travel can ensure that text messages are sent out to welcome guests into the property but also as soon as excessive noise is detected. With our occupancy monitoring feature, they’re also able to make sure properties are vacant or occupied when they need them to be, which has helped them smooth out operations on all levels.

Happy neighbors, guests, and property owners 

minut noise monitoring rove travel

Rove Travel’s choice to place security at the center of their property management services not only positively impacts hosts and guests but the entire surrounding communities. When damage occurs in a luxurious property like those listed by Rove Travel, repair costs can often reach thousands of dollars per rental, especially in their New York City properties. Thanks to Minut, noise issues and unauthorized parties can be detected before the situation escalates and property owners can considerably reduce their overhead costs and protect neighbors from noise disturbances.

For guests, noise and occupancy monitoring are also greatly beneficial. Rove Travel reports having avoided multiple cases of HVAC hazards in their homes thanks to the Minut sensor, but also preventing issues like unauthorized entry and theft. Minut also connects to security alarms present within the home so both guests, hosts, and the authorities can be alerted quicker in case of fire.

To take the first step towards making home-sharing work for everyone, follow in the footsteps of Rove Travel and get started on your Minut journey today!