How Minut protects their partners' peace of mind and profit margins

Here's a little taste of the companies we've worked with in the past few years and how we've helped them grow their business and become better neighbors.
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April 26, 2023
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How Minut protects their partners' peace of mind and profit margins

Throughout the years, we’ve partnered with the best property management companies in the short-term rental industry to provide them with our unique solution allowing them to protect their property without infringing on the privacy of their guest. From our recent partnership with industry giant Airbnb to our collaboration with property managers all around the world, our mission remains the same: to make home-sharing work for everyone.

Here’s a little taste of the companies we’ve worked with in the past few years and how we’ve helped them grow their business and become better neighbors.

Minut x Bob W.: More sustainable hospitality with the help of Minut

On top of being the first international climate-neutral hospitality provider, Bob W. is also a leader in the trendy short-term accommodation niche. With their wide range of serviced apartments in Helsinki, Tallinn, and London (among others), the Bob W. team works hard to provide their guests with the best experience possible in their rentals – while being an advocate for greener travel.

Minut sensors are installed in all Bob W. apartments, making noise monitoring one of the core tenets of their security strategy. Sensors are also connected to the AC and heating systems, which allows Bob W. teams to seamlessly control temperature levels to ensure no energy is wasted and that their mission to remain carbon neutral is respected. 

“Minut is future-oriented, just like us.” - Bob W. Team

Minut x Sanders: How Sanders manages to receive 100% positive feedback from homeowners with Minut

After starting out in Denmark, Sanders quickly expanded to Cyprus, Spain, and Portugal and now boasts more than 500 exceptional properties on their portfolio. With a heavy focus on guest experience and automations, Sanders ensures that all operations run smoothly within their homes – which makes their guest experience a true one-of-a-kind. 

Thanks to Minut, Sanders properties remain secure at all times without the need for employees to be present on site – and without infringing on the privacy of their guests. Since installing Minut in their properties, Sanders has received positive feedback from homeowners who feel reassured knowing that their properties are well-protected, cared for, and optimized so their guests can enjoy the best they have to offer.

“Minut has been amazing when entering new markets. We’ve only received 100% positive feedback from new homeowners, developers and investors. They welcome Minut, as it makes them feel secure, knowing that we’re going to take good care of their properties.” - Peter Sarvari, Chief Operating Officer at Sanders 

Minut x HOLT: how Minut helps hosts protect their luxury rentals from unauthorized parties

HOLT is a luxury travel management company whose mission is to democratize exceptional travel experiences. They accompany their guests from the moment they first make contact with them, catering to their needs at any time. 

In 2020, a huge unauthorized party took place in one of their premises, which spurred the need for them to find a way to monitor their homes in a safe way. Minut presented itself as the best available solution on the market – and it helped them catch unauthorized events before (and while) they occurred. Thanks to Minut’s unparalleled installation time (less than 5 minutes!) and intuitive interface, implementing noise monitoring has been hassle-free – and it’s allowed HOLT to save on repair costs while doubling down on guest experience. As CEO Benjamin Earley put it himself: investing in Minut is investing in peace of mind!

“For Minut, we’ve absolutely caught parties in the early stages, especially in Bucharest.” - Benjamin Earley, CEO at HOLT

Minut x Kasa: how to work towards your mission and grow trust with property owners and communities

Kasa is a unique provider of future-oriented flexible accommodations in a wide variety of destinations. They operate in over 6 time zones and 47 cities. To provide the best experience to their guests, Kasa focuses on optimizing safety, and this is why they chose to work with us at Minut.

The Minut sensor can not only detect excessive noise but also occupancy and temperature. Thanks to the multiplicity of uses it offers and its portability, the sensor can be easily integrated into any space to fetch critical information that helps executives at Kasa make sense of what happens within their homes without ever infringing on guest privacy. On top of allowing Kasa to save time and reduce repair costs, Minut has reinforced the company’s commitment to utilizing technology for the good of the entire community. 

“In Minut, we found a true partner who could lead the charge in delivering forward-thinking features within the same device.” - Yvette Romero, Director of Strategic Product Initiatives at Kasa 

Minut x Omaio: choose the right customers for your holiday destination rental

Omaio is a unique New Zealand rental whose name means ‘quiet place’ in Maori. Taupo, the location of the short-term rental, makes it especially attractive to younger travelers seeking to meet up and socialize. With its 14 beds, the home seems like the ideal place to throw a party – much to the dismay of its property manager who designed it to welcome multi-generational groups on holiday. 

Thanks to Minut, Omaio’s owner has been able to prevent and stop multiple unauthorized parties but also to discourage them in the first place by informing guests that they would be monitored in the rental they were choosing. In one instance, a guest attempted to ‘neutralize’ the sensor by placing it into a cupboard – but the host was immediately alerted and the situation was handled before it could escalate. Minut has allowed Omaio’s host to reclaim his power and choose guests he feels will respect the home he is sharing with them. After all, becoming a better neighbor is also about asserting your boundaries as a property owner!

“We would not have contemplated turning this property into a short-term rental without our experience with Minut. The property could easily become “party central” without Minut, given the likely market.” - New Zealand host

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