How MyGetaways grew their portfolio, saved costs and maximized profits with Minut

In this case study with short-term rental company My Getaways, we dive into how Minut helped this seaside business grow their portfolio, save costs and maximize profits.
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June 5, 2023
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How MyGetaways grew their portfolio, saved costs and maximized profits with Minut

My Getaways is a short-term rental company based in Brighton and Hove and the wider Sussex area. These trendy seaside towns and inland retreats are well-loved by visitors coming from all around the United Kingdom and Europe who seek out their beautiful landscapes and bustling nightlife. With around a hundred properties in their portfolio, My Getaways provides the best rental homes to their customers whilst helping them to make their stay unforgettable. Let’s dive into why they’ve chosen Minut to protect their properties and the privacy of their guests.

A solution catered to your market 

Founded by former award-winning DJ Steve Taggert in 2015, My Getaways has won numerous awards in the short-term rental industry, such as the title of STAA Best Property Manager London & South East 2022 and was shortlisted for Best Urban Operator at the 2023 Shortyz.  After its launch, My Getaways rapidly grew to provide the best short-term accommodations for travelers in the Sussex region in England. But with Brighton being a hub for hen/stag and large groups, the need for a solution allowing them to monitor and protect their homes quickly emerged. Executives then began to look for a discreet noise monitoring tool that guests wouldn’t be tempted to tamper with – and this is how they discovered Minut. Thanks to its unique design and portability, the sensor can be installed anywhere within your home without being too noticeable, which means the chance of it being spotted and removed by guests is minimal. After installing Minut, My Getaways experienced a drastic decrease in noise issues, allowing them to reduce their overhead costs, maximize profit, and attract new property owners seeking to protect their homes and neighbors. 

Get set up in just minutes

The workday of a property manager is filled with unexpected events and calls. At Minut, we aim to make your life easier by automating security systems in your property.

Thanks to its intuitive setup, a Minut sensor can be installed in under five minutes – which means you can save time and get back to doing what matters the most: managing your properties! Since the implementation of sensors in the properties they run, My Getaways has been able to attract more homeowners who feel reassured knowing that their rentals will be protected throughout their guests' stay but also that the installation time is minimal and seamless. 

Reduce costs and grow your portfolio

Unauthorized parties cost property managers around $1296 per year, and these costs can be even higher in regions where gatherings are especially common, such as party towns like Brighton and Hove. With Minut being installed in My Getaways’ properties, the company is able to save considerable amounts on repair costs each year, which allows them to keep operations lean without hindering the growth of their business. Minut has also reduced the likelihood of My Getaways units remaining vacant while they are being repaired, another costly casualty of unauthorized parties. With cases of noise issues becoming more and more common around the world, property owners can be wary of the risks their homes can induce for their community when they are poorly monitored. Thanks to privacy-safe noise monitoring, My Getaways has gained the trust of homeowners who want to work towards being better neighbors while protecting their rental goods. 

My Getaways will be rolling out Minut in more properties as they grow. To follow in their footsteps and start protecting your property today, book a demo with us!