igloohome and Minut partner to better guest comfort, host convenience, and neighborhood safety

igloohome smart locks and the Minut home sensor were designed to help you host happy.
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May 6, 2021
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igloohome and Minut partner to better guest comfort, host convenience, and neighborhood safety

If you’re a short-term rental host or property manager, you know that hosting is hard work. Between making sure your guests are comfortable, your neighbors happy and your business thriving, it’s easy to forget to enjoy it.

Fortunately, smart technology like igloohome smart locks and the Minut home sensor was designed to take some of the load off and help you host happy. Here’s how.

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Guest health and comfort

Guest comfort starts with making sure the home has been properly cleaned and is ready for the guest, but it doesn’t end there. A smooth check-in goes a long way in setting the right tone for the stay. And while pre-pandemic seeing the host’s friendly face used to be nothing but reassuring, nowadays many guests feel safer about self check-in. igloohome’s smart lock can help with that, as it eliminates the need for a physical key handover. Instead, the host can just message the guest their individual access code, and the guest just needs to enter it upon arrival. No in-person check-in makes for a much smoother and safer arrival for both the guest and host.

Once the guests are inside, Minut can help ensure their comfort remotely. Minut monitors the temperature and humidity levels in the property and can notify the host when they rise above or fall below the optimal thresholds. It can also let you know if there’s a risk of mold in your property. Both Minut and igloohome solutions are 100% privacy-safe, so your guests can feel safe and protected inside your home.

Igloohome smart keybox hanging from the door handle

Host convenience

Smart tech can also make hosting much easier. Not having to come out for the check-in and check-out means you can dedicate your time to growth in other areas of your business. You also will spend less time worrying about your property’s safety thanks to igloohome’s events log that gives you real-time and historical data on lock use.

Minut similarly will give you access to real-time and historical noise, motion, temperature, and occupancy readings. This way, you can make sure all is well at your home at all times, no matter how close or far away you are. Minut and igloohome give the host peace of mind knowing their property, guests, and neighbors are safe.

Home interior with Minut sensor on the ceiling

Neighborhood safety

Smart locks are safer than regular locks because they allow property managers to set individual temporary access codes that are only active for the duration of the stay. This way, you can make sure troublesome guests don’t overstay their welcome.

Minut can help you make sure everything is going smoothly throughout the stay, and act fast if something starts to go wrong. Minut monitors sound levels as well as the number of mobile devices detected in the home. It will notify you whenever your rental starts getting too loud or crowded - so that you can make sure your property and your neighbors’ peace are protected.

Loved by hosts all over the world

There is a reason why smart tech is embraced by countless Airbnb hosts and property managers worldwide. It makes hosting easier, safer, and more efficient. Read more about how igloohome and Minut can help you host happy at igloohome.fr and minut.com.