Managing Noise in Premium Cape Town Homes

Nick from Nox Rentals, an STR management company, explains why they chose Minut over other noise monitoring solutions, and what their homeowners think about the decision.
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August 26, 2021
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Managing Noise in Premium Cape Town Homes

Nox is a short-term rental management company, exclusively representing around 120 premium homes on the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town, South Africa. Our portfolio is valued in excess of $100 million and we manage around 5000 rentals per year, primarily to international guests coming from all over the world. The Company was founded in 2004 by Richard Marshall, and we’ve enjoyed steady growth in a highly popular tourism destination. 

We’re actively involved in the local community, and have an enormous amount of care for our fellow citizens. Our homes tend to be large, and can attract groups who are travelling for a milestone event or a celebration, which can lead to noise disturbance on our neighbours. After trialling a few noise management systems, we settled on Minut due to its integration with our PMS, as well as the user-friendly interface and ease of installation. 

We particularly enjoy the automation within the system, and we’re now able to pre-empt any issues and proactively manage our guest’s behaviour in an amicable manner, rather than handling a situation that may have spun out of control. 

We’ve identified homes which we deem to be noise-sensitive and have started the rollout in these properties with great success. As we expand our portfolio, we’ll continue to use Minut and to inform our homeowners of the tool. Our homeowners have been incredibly supportive of the solution and we can gladly recommend Minut to other professional management companies.

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Headshot of Nick Taylor, Managing Director at Nox Rentals